Fall is a Season that Lives in our Hearts

The allure of this season is the unparalleled beauty that breathes color into leaves that last only moments in time. Our vision of these colors usher in warm hearths, maple syrup, and pumpkins that smile to the beat of a drum that is our heart. There is possibly no other season that takes us back to our childhood as fast as fall.

Looking up to the trees as a child I gazed in wonder at the beauty before me. Bright reds, yellows, and burnt orange hues filled the trees as far as my neck could crane. The majesty of the paintbrush that produced this colorful landscape made me think that there were colors I couldn’t even imagine existed. And in that moment I felt how small I was and how vast the world was and how exploration was but a term that exposes how little we know.

The first part of fall reveals perfect temperatures releasing us from the sometimes oppressive heat of summer. Birds and other wildlife seem to love this season too as they fly or scamper across meadows and streams. The songs they sing or the mating calls they bellow give substance to the life around us that is not our own. As in any great movie which is our reality there are layers of life that bring an inner joy that can not be explained except for the peacefulness we feel when we live in that experience.

Fall is the beginning of the gauntlet which is the holiday season. Halloween with its costumes, trick or treating, and scary movies are the first shot across the bow. Children dream of the candy, their costume, and the wonderful crafts to be made at school. To be scared while knowing your under the protective umbrella of your parents provides the illusion of fear giving a rush of adrenaline no other holiday can provide. This crafting of horror blends witches and goblins into spaces we can’t see or are already afraid of. Dark rooms, closets, and under our beds ignite dreams that turn into nightmares while feeding off of the rush that comes with masks, brooms, and fake blood. Thank God on the other end of the spectrum, around the corner, is possibly our favorite fall holiday… Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving lives in our hearts as we remember the “Days of Future Past”. Gatherings of loved ones over the course of time gives homage to the meal that solidifies the Thanksgiving spirit. Families sharing stories, the beauty of being thankful for what we have, and the love for all those that are there, those that have traveled to be there, and all those we wish were there.

Over the course of time there may be new faces and perhaps some old ones that are no longer there. This is the circle of life, beginnings and endings. This truly awakens us to the thought of being thankful. For the short time we have with each other this holiday injects our spirits with the thanks we seldom give recognition too. That is why fall lives in our hearts. Family and friends are the important ingredients that heightens our memories and displays our love for all those that are important to us.

Fall reminds us of how short and precious life is. The beauty of the colorful spectacle eventually turning to the barren winter is a cautious reminder of the fleeting moments we have that become the remembrance of the lives we’ve touched towards our final journey.

“October gave a party”  –  Geo. Cooper

The leaves by hundreds came

The Chestnuts Oaks and Maples,

And leaves of every name.

Sunshine spread a carpet,

And everything was grand.

Miss Weather led the dancing,

And professor Wind the band.”

“Leaves”  –  by Elsie N. Brady

How silently they tumble down

And come to rest upon the ground

To lay a carpet, rich and rare,

Beneath the trees without a care,

Content to sleep, their work well done,

Colors gleaming in the Sun.

At other times, they wildly fly

Until they nearly reach the sky.

Twisting, turning through the air

Till all the trees stand stark and bare.

Exhausted, drop to earth below

To wait, like children, for the snow.

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Don’t Read This If…

…you believe that Oswald assassinated JFK. Don’t read this if you believe that 911 was not orchestrated by our government for monetary, political, and… to enact the “Patriot Act” (which was already written prior to 911) to spy and constrict our personal freedoms. Please watch the You Tube video presented by Barbara Honeggar, M.S. called, “Behind the Smoke Curtain”, regarding the truth behind 911. Don’t read this if you think our voting system was not corrupted during this past election. Don’t read this if you believe that the vaccine is safe (you know what’s in it and its been properly tested) and/or Big Pharma and our Government have our best interests in mind. And finally, don’t read this if you think the vaccine and mask wearing is not about power, money, separation and division.

Ok, that out of the way, for those few that are still reading…. here goes:

The main body of information for this blog was taken from a video produced on July 9th, 2021. The video is titled, “A manufactured illusion”, by Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich.

Dr. David Martin is the chairman of M-CAM International Innovation Risk Management. From a corporate standpoint since 1998 M-CAM has been the world’s largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance in 168 countries. The underwriting systems include the entire corpus of all patents, patent applications, federal grants, procurement records, e-government records, etc. M-CAM has the ability to not only track what is happening and who is involved in what is happening, but they monitor a series of thematic interests for a variety of organizations and individuals as well as for their own commercial use. M-CAM maintains three global equity indices which are the top performing large cap and mid cap equity indexes world wide.

M-CAM’s business is to monitor innovation around the world and the economics of that innovation, the degree to which financial interests are being served, corporate interests are being dislocated, etc. Their business is the business of innovation and its finance.

M-CAM has reviewed the over 4,000 patents that have been issued around the SARS/CORONA virus and have done a very comprehensive review of the financing of all of the manipulations of CORONA virus which gave rise to SARS as a sub-clade of the beta CORONA virus family. Here is a quick time line overview of the patent applications specifically related to the SARS/CORONA virus. There is a document that was made public in the spring of 2020. This document referenced in the video is extremely important because M-CAM took the reported gene sequence which was reportedly isolated as a novel-Corona virus indicated as such by the ICTV (the international committee on taxonomy of viruses of the world health organization). M-CAM took the actual genetic sequences that were reportedly ‘novel’ and reviewed those against the patent records that were available as of the spring of 2020. What they found was over a 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel Corona virus was actually entirely a fallacy.

There was no novel Corona virus. There are countless very subtle modifications of Corona virus sequences that have been up-loaded but there was no single identified novel Corona virus at all. As a matter of fact C-MAC found records in the patent records of sequences attributed to novelty going to patents that were sought as early as 1999. So, not only was this not a novel anything, its not been novel for over two decades.

Here is a short journey through the patent landscape to crystalize the process as it unfolds. The patent process regarding Corona virus was uniquely applied to veterinary sciences. The first vaccine ever patented for Corona virus was actually sought by Pfizer. The application for the first vaccine for Corona virus which was specifically this S spike protein was the exact same thing that supposedly was rushed into invention. The first application for this “vaccine” was filed January 28th, 2000, twenty one years ago. So the idea that we mysteriously stumbled on the way to intervene on vaccines is not only ludicrous it is incredulous.

Timothy Miller, Sharon Klepfer, Albert Paul Reed and Elaine Jones on January 28th 2000 filled what ultimately was issued as US Patent 6372224 which was the spike protein virus vaccine for the canine Corona virus which is actually one of the multiple forms of Corona virus. But the early work up until 1999 was largely focused in the area of vaccines for animals. The two animals receiving the most attention were probably Ralph Barris work with rabbits and the rabbit cardio myopathy that was the problem associated amongst rabbit breeders. And then canine Corona virus which was Pfizer’s work to identify how to create S spike protein vaccine target candidates. Giving rise to the obvious evidence that says neither the Corona virus concept of a vaccine nor the principle of the Corona virus itself as a pathogen of interest with respect to the spike protein’s behavior is anything novel at all. As a matter of fact its 22 years old based on patent files.

Whats more problematic and what is actually the most egregious problem is that Anthony Fauci and NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease) found the malleability of Corona virus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines. And so SARS is actually not a natural progression of a zoonotic modification of Corona virus. As a matter of fact very specifically in 1999 Anthony Fauci funded research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, specifically to create (this info came from a patent filled April 19th 2002) by the NIAID an infectious replication defective Corona virus. That was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. Another words… we made SARS and we patented it on April 19th 2002, before there was ever any alleged out break in Asia. Which, as you know followed that by several months. That patent issued as US patent 7279327 clearly lays out in very specific gene sequencing the fact that we knew that the ace receptor the ace two binding domain and the S one spike protein and other elements of what we have come to know as this scourge pathogen was not only engineered but could be synthetically modified in the laboratory. This, using nothing more than gene sequencing technologies, taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen or an intermediate of the pathogen. That technology was funded exclusively in the early days as a means by which we could actually harness Corona virus as a vector to distribute HIV vaccine.

It gets worse…C-MAC was asked to monitor chemical and biological weapons, treaty violations in the very early days of 2000. The anthrax events in September of 2001 were looked into by C-MAC. Their investigation led to a congressional inquiry into not only the anthrax origins but also into what was unusual behavior around Bayer’s super Floxin drug which was a drug used as a potential treatment for anthrax poisoning. Through-out the fall of 2001 C-Mac began to monitor an enormous number of bacterial and viral pathogens that were being patented through NIH (National Institute of Health), NIAID, USAMRDC (US Armed Services Infectious Disease Program), and a number of other agencies internationally that collaborated with them.

C-MAC had a concern that the Corona virus was being seen as not only a potential manipulatable agent for potential use as a vaccine vector but it was also very clearly being considered as a biological weapon candidate.

C-MAC’s first reporting on this began prior to the SARS outbreak in the latter part of 2001. You can imagine how disappointed Dr. Martin is sitting here today talking about something he and his organization pointed there was a problem looming on the horizon some twenty years ago in respect to the corona virus. After the “alleged” outbreak, he says “alleged” because it is important that we understand that Corona virus as a circulating pathogen inside the viral model we have is actually not new to the human condition and not new to the last two decades. It’s actually been part of the sequence of proteins that has circulated for quite a long time.

But the “alleged” outbreak that took place in China in 2002 going into 2003 gave rise to a very problematic April 2003 filling by the CDC (United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention). This topic is of critical importance to get the nuance very precise. Because, in addition to filling a patent for the entire gene sequence on what became SARS CORONA virus (which is actually a violation of 35 US code section 101), you can not patent a naturally occurring substance.

The 35 US code section 101 violation was patent number 7220852, that patent also had derivative patents associated with it. These are patent applications that were broken apart because they were of multiple patentable subject matter. These include US patent 46592703P, 776521. These patents not only covered the gene sequence of SARS/CORONA virus but also covered the means of detecting it using the now internationally recognized RTPCR. The reason this is a problem is because if you actually both own the patent on the gene itself and you own the patent on its detection you have a cunning advantage to be able to control 100% of the providence of not only the virus itself but also its detection. Meaning you have entire scientific and message control. This patent sought by the CDC was allegedly justified by their public relations team as being sought so that everyone would be free to be able to research the corona virus.

The only problem with that statement is that it’s a lie. The reason it’s a lie is because the patent office not once but twice rejected the patent on the gene sequence as un-patentable, because the gene sequence was already in the public domain. Over the rejection of the patent examiner and after having to pay an appeal fine in 2006 and 2007 the CDC over road the patent offices rejection of their patent and ultimately in 2007 got the patent on SARS/CORONA virus.

Every public statement the CDC has made has said this was in the public interest is falsifiable by their own paid bribe to the US patent office. This is not subtle, but to make matters worse they paid an additional fee to keep their application private. If you want the public to be able to research this it seems you wouldn’t pay a fee to keep the information private.

Fact checkers have repeatedly stated that the novel corona virus designated as SARS?COV2 is in fact distinctly different from the CDC patent. Heres the genetic and the patent problem:

If you look at the gene sequence that is filed by the CDC in 2003, again in 2005 and in 2006, what you will find is identity in 89% to 99% of the sequence overlaps that identify in whats called the novel sub-clade of SARS/COV2.

What we know is that the core designation of SARS/CORONA virus which is actually the clade of the beta corona virus family and the sub-clade which has been called SARS/COV2 have to overlap from a taxonomic point of view. You can not have SARS designation on something without it first being SARS. So, the disingenuous fact checking that states the CDC has nothing to do with this particular patent or this particular pathogen is beyond both the literal credibility of the published sequences and its also beyond credulity when it comes to the ICTV taxonomy because it very clearly states this is a sub-clade of the clade called SARS/CORONA virus.

On the 28th of April three days after the CDC filled the patent on the SARS/CORONA virus in 2003 came an interesting sequence of events. Three days later Sequoia Pharmaceuticals (a company that was set up in Maryland) filled a patent on anti-viral agents of treatment and control of infections by the Corona virus. The CDC filled three days earlier and then the treatment was available three days later. Sequoia Pharmaceutical later was rolled into the proprietary holdings of Pfizer, Crucell, and Johnson and Johnson.

So the natural question you would ask is, “How do you have a patent on a treatment for something that had been invented three days earlier?” The patent in question, the April 28th, 2003 patent 7151163 issued to Sequoia Pharmaceuticals has another problem. The problem is, it was issued and published before the CDC patent on CORONA virus was actually allowed. So the degree to which the information could have been know by any means other than insider information between those two parties is zero. It is not physically possible for you to patent a thing that treats a thing that had not been published because the CDC had paid to keep the information secret.

This my friends is the definition of criminal conspiracy, racketeering, and collusion. This is not a theory, this is evidence. You can not have information in the future and then inform a treatment for a thing that did not exist.

It is not your fault you have believed the very organizations that are supposed to be looking out for our health and protecting us. Just keep an open mind while I further unravel (next week) the fairy tale we are supposed to believe while the mythical Corona deaths pile up pushing more to get the unproven vaccination proposed by those we should fear the most.

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Censorship, Control, and Distance… Oh, My!


Dear Friends… Does it not seem just a little suspicious that videos by acclaimed virologists, immunologists, and other “experts” in the field of viruses and vaccines are being censored by social media when the narrative doesn’t comply with the federal governments narrative? This is the last blog I will write concerning this subject. “A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.”

First: The PCR Test

The PCR tests don’t work to diagnose infection with Covid 19. What is the scientific proof these tests don’t work? Anyone that has researched this (not the Sheeple) meaning the people that are not bound by a political motivation or egotistical dementia (or ED) realize a couple things:

The danger of false positives is exacerbated by too many cycles being run. Another words if you run the test at 30 cycles or more the results are very likely to be junk and any positives meaningless. Incredibly most labs performing these tests have done just that running the cycles at 30 or more even up to 45 cycles. Even lord of the manner Anthony Fauci admitted this was a problem and the test would be an anomaly.

The tests weren’t designed using real viral RNA from the “Alleged” Sars-Cov-2 virus. They use “synthetic RNA” or “contrived sources” because there was no isolated samples of Sars-Cov-2 available. Even the WHO released a guidance memo December 14th 2020 warning that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests will result in false positives.

The “Gold Standard” Sars-Cov-2 tests are based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR works by taking nucleotides (tiny fragments of DNA or RNA) and replacing them until they become something large enough to identify. The replication is done in cycles, with each cycle doubling the amount of genetic material. The number of cycles it takes to produce something identifiable is known as the “cycle threshold” or “CT value”. The higher the “CT value”, the less likely you are to be detecting anything significant. This new WHO memo states that using a high “CT value” to test for the presence of Sars-Cov-2 will result in false positive results.

The CDC says that the 59 different PCR tests on the market can’t have their performance compared because all used different “contrived samples” for their production. On a side bar:

The FDA warned against using the Innova rapid COVID-19 antigen tests. The FDA issued a class one recall against this Innova rapid Covid-19 antigen test. That is the most severe recall warning issued by the FDA. The FDA says that the use of or exposure to this product will have adverse health consequences or death. This product is still being used in the UK.

Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR process, was clear that it wasn’t meant as a diagnostic tool, saying: “With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”

Second: The Mask

Dr. Dan Stock from PureHealth Functional Medicine in Indiana suggests we are listening to the CDC which unfortunately doesn’t bother to read science. Dr. Stock is trained in immunology and inflammation regulation, and he states, “Everything being recommended by the CDC is actually contrary to all the rules of science. So the thing you should know about the Corona virus and all other respiratory viruses is that they are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through any mask. In fact the studies that support this fact were actually sponsored by the NIH. “

Third: The Virus

June 5th, 2008, this is a very important date because it is actually around the time when DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) actively took an interest in Corona virus as a biological weapon. June 5th, 2008, Ablynx which is now apart of Sanofi filled a series of patents that specifically

targeted what we’ve been told is the novel feature of the Sars Cov 2 virus. They targeted what was called the poly basic cleavage site for Sars Cov , the novel spike protein and the ace 2 receptor binding domain which is allegedly novel to Sars Cov 2 and all of that was patented on the 5th of June 2008. Those patents in sequence were issued between Nov 24th of 2015 which was US patent 9193780 so that one came out after the gain of function moratorium and after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East.

What you find is in 2016/2017/2019 a series of patents all covering not only the RNA strands but also the sub-components of the gene strands were all issued to Ablynx and Sanofi. Then we have Cryselle, Rubius Therapeutics, Childrens Medical Corporation, and countless others that include Ludwig Maximilian’s University of Munich, Protein Science Corporation, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong, all identifying in patent filings that ranged from 2008 until 2017 every attribute that was allegedly uniquely published by the single reference publication the Novel Bat Corona virus reveals “natural insertions of the S1 S2 cleavage site of the spike protein and possible reconomite 3 origin of the Sars Cov 2 virus. The paper that has been routinely used to identify, unfortunately if you actually take what they report to be novel you find 73 patents issued between 2008 and 2019 which have the elements that were allegedly novel in the Sars Cov 2. Specifically as it relates to the poly basic cleavage site the ace 2 receptor binding domain and the spike protein.

So the clinically novel components of the clinically unique, clinically contagious, Sars Cov 2… there was no outbreak of SARS because we had engineered all of the elements of that virus. By 2016 the paper that was funded during the gain of function moratorium that said the Sars Corona virus was poised for human emergence (written by none other than Ralph Baric professor in the department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill). This virus was not only poised for “human emergence” but was patented for commercial exploitation… 73 times. Ralph Baric has made a lot of money from this social experiment to our detriment.

So for those of you that want to live in the illusion that some way or another this is the end of the story, be prepared for an even greater disappointment. Somebody new something because in 2015/2016 which gave rise to my favorite quote from this entire pandemic. A statement made in 2015 by Peter Daszak (the head of ECOHealth Alliance) reported in the National Academies of Press Publication February 12, 2016, “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical counter measures such as a pan/corona virus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Peter Daszak was the person that independently corroborated the false narrative that there was a Chinese lab leak of the Corona virus. This was not that…this was an intentional bio-weaponization of spike proteins to inject into people to get them addicted to a pan/corona virus vaccine. This has nothing to do with a pathogen that was released and every study that’s ever been launched to try to verify a lab leak is a red herring. 73 patents on everything clinically novel, all issued before 2019.

Here is the biggest bombshell of all to prove this was actually not a release of anything because patent 7279327 the patent on the recombinant nature of that lung targeting Corona virus was transferred mysteriously from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to the National Institute of Health in 2018. Here’s the problem with that, according to the Bayh-Dole Act the US government already has what’s called a “march in right provision”. That means if the US government has paid for research, they are entitled to benefit from that research at their demand or at their whim.

So explain why in 2017 and 2018 suddenly the National Institute of Health have to take ownership of the patent they already had the rights to held by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill? Also, why did they need to file a certificate of correction to make sure it was legally enforceable? Why, because there was a typographical error in the grant reference in the first filling. So they needed to make sure that not only did they need to get it right but they needed to make sure that every typographical error that was contained in the patent was correct. On the single patent required to develop the vaccine research Institutes mandate which was shared between the University of Carolina Chapel Hill in November of 2019 and Moderna when UNC Chapel Hill, NIAID, and Moderna began the sequencing of a spike protein vaccine. A month before an outbreak ever happened.


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If the Dream is Big Enough… The Facts Don’t Count!

Over the course of the last two years many of you know that Nancy and I have been on a quest to search for a property to build a home for retirement. It started with a simple criteria:

    1. A state that had plenty of water.
    2. Location of the property near a fire station and hospital no more than 30 minutes away.
    3. The view had to overlook water.
    4. Electricity on the property and a road to it.
    5. Enough land so that there will be few neighbors or no neighbors within sight.

I started looking for said property a little over two years ago. I looked at Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. I looked at all the criteria above and added two more elements. This had to be a state that believed in our constitution including the personal right to choose. This new criteria immediately eliminated Oregon and Washington.

Another criteria (as I don’t ski) was to live in a place that was not too cold, this eliminated Montana and Wyoming. That left what is fast becoming my favorite state… Idaho.

And so the process began. After searching the net I settled on the pan handle in northern Idaho. My geographical definition would be a location somewhere between Lewiston Idaho to Sandpoint Idaho and East of Lewiston going up the Clearwater River to Montana. I started the search in a small historical town named Potlatch.

This town of Potlatch (the name of the largest lumber company in the country at one point) is located in the middle of the pan handle closest to Moscow Idaho just to the south and an hour from the northern city of Cour D Alene, Idaho. I stayed at a very small B&B in Potlatch plotting my routes as I had set up appointments with realtors in Sandpoint Idaho and Lewiston Idaho.

The small towns around Potlatch were a bit too small and didn’t offer the type of services regarding health and safety I required. In addition to that it was more expensive to live there because the grocery stores were small with limited products and the cost of gas was a bit more expensive than the larger towns in Idaho. Believe it or not there was no property available that over looked water for sale. Any water… a creek, a pond, a river, a lake… anything!

So I traveled north to places I’d only heard of but never had visited. I went directly to Sand Point Idaho. The first thing that was very impressive was the two mile bridge that leads into the quaint downtown of Sand Point. The bridge cascades over Lake Pend Oreille with a surface area of 148 miles it is the 38th largest lake in the country and the largest lake in Idaho. The views drew me into comparisons of Lake Tahoe. One difference is that the navy for decades has tested unmanned model submarines in the depths of Lake Pend Oreille.

There are so many beautiful towns around Sand Point (Priest River, Ponderay, Athol, Bonners Ferry, Dover, Bayview, etc.) with Sand Point being the largest. Its down town area includes many boutique furniture stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and beauty salons. There is a very unique shopping and restaurant experience in Sand Point called the Cedar Bridge Public Market Place. If you get a chance this is a must see. The weather in Sand Point and surrounding areas is a bit too cold for me but the beauty is really special.

The day I visited there was a street fair in the park near the center of town. I navigated through all the fair patrons to find the realtor I made an appointment with. We got in her car and proceeded to explore the many properties for sale in Sand Point and the towns I mentioned above.

I actually made several trips during my exploration of Idaho to the Sand Point area. I even made an offer on a 5 acre parcel with a spectacular view of the Priest River. Unfortunately this property was already under contract and did not fall out. So, several days later after exploring from my home base of Potlatch I went to Lewiston to meet realtor Russ Martin.

This meeting with Russ proved to be a great omen of things to come. Russ and I traveled down the Clearwater River all the way to Kooskia and Kamiah. These are two small towns with properties for sale (that we looked at) from 5 acres to 20 acres.

Then we stumbled upon our future home in Orofino with a population of 3,000. We looked at several lots in developments entitled “Huckleberry Butte” and “Tie Creek”. The later was the place that really caught my eye… and so it began.

During the “Pandemic” there were lending issues, supply chain issues, and everything else in between. Within Tie Creek there were many lots for sale at that time. We looked at all of them and anticipated the cost of excavation, electricity access, and potential for water. I decided lots 13 and 14 were the most accessible, best views, and had great potential for well water as one of the nearby neighbors had found water only 250 feet down.

We broke ground at the end of May. Here we are in January with the finishing touches for completion being administered by general contractor Mark Fowler (simply the best). This project turned into a journey which involved many hardships and many times when I thought it wasn’t going to happen. However because of a great team determined to make it happen our dream home is just a few weeks away from completion. If the Dream is Big Enough… The Facts Don’t Count!

Happy New Year… 2022 – PAZAZ™ Style!

New beginnings are the order of the day. Each year brings hope that the next year will be even better than the last. It won’t be too hard to raise the bar over last year. For many it was a year of discontent with the rule of law being divide and conquer.

Putting all common sense aside we find ourselves in a place where governors are rulers guiding us to the next rung of masks, quarantines, and social distancing mandates. Put a blind fold on and aim for the dart board with all the necessary distractions that will create more sheeple following vaccine protocols to the letter. Interesting that at the restaurant where I work the people that have been adversely affected by the virus are the ones that have gotten the jab and the booster. And you wonder why more people are moving to Idaho where common sense is the rule of the day?

Anyway lets take a moment to say a prayer for those we have lost in 2021. That’s really what’s important… honoring the loved ones whom we shared such special moments with, both family and friends. A void is a difficult space to fill especially when it involves the people we love and care about.

I think the best music and poetry has been written during times like these. Conflict and resolution creates a landscape for creativity that is triggered by adversity.

I remember when I was growing up in Marin County the most important aspect of ones character was determined by how hard you worked, who you were as a person, and how much you gave of yourself to make the community a better place to live. Now the character of most people who live in Marin is determined by not who you are but what you have. Certainly a sad commentary on the societal evolution brought about by the advent of technology and to add insult to injury we couple that with the fractured dissemination of incorrect information with no perceivable interest in science or truth.

Life is not easy during these times even though most of us have turned luxuries into necessities. I would gladly turn the cell phone into a rotary phone, the I-pod into a boom box, and the automatic transmission into a manual transmission. Bringing back the simplicity that has been lost sacrificing human interaction for meaningless tweets and on line Facebook commentary. We now find ourselves at a crossroads seeing the pendulum swing from common courtesy and manners to whatever this is.

There is hope. Through random acts of kindness, instilling manners in our children, and remembering the importance of human interaction, we will get back some of what used to be held so dear. This New Year brings with it the promise to improve our lives by being stewards to those we love and care about. Two other important factors are for us to reach out to those less fortunate and always keep in mind the importance of trusting our instincts to follow our goals and dreams. It starts with each one of us, because if the dream is big enough… the facts don’t count.

Nancy and I only wish the best for you and the hope a New Year brings. May your health be good so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor while living the life you always thought possible.