What Is Our ‘Sell-By’ Date?

What Is Our ‘Sell-By’ Date?

Life is a journey through corridors that open and close at a moments notice. We go down one path which sometimes defines our future, or the path leads to what appears to be a dead end with valuable lessons learned. In either case the journey is the reward.

Many times we are drawn to the possibilities of a future that looks brighter but may become a flickering candle extinguished when the reality of purpose becomes the sojurn of despair. Within our vocation or relationships the same can be said… we try to find the good in those situations that propel us to our destiny. That destiny could be one turn in either direction that reflects our ability to use those lessons (usually of common sense) that focus on the past to bring about the future we have always dreamed of.

I find these directions change as we get older. What was once important now becomes a footnote in the annals of personal growth related to experiences that have shaped who we are and what is important to us. I say all this leading up to the fact that life is a contact sport and it is shorter than we think as we get closer to our “Sell By Date”.

Anyone that has lived a little will be defined by many different circumstances, some within in their control, and many that are not. This definition of circumstance is framed by situational events that could include anything from relationships, schooling, vocation, travel, a birth, a death, or a combination of any of the above or anything else that affects lifes ebbs and flows.

But what if… we knew our “Sell By Date”? What if we knew when the end would ineveitably occur? Would we race to finish tasks we had not completed? Would we travel to places we’d always wanted to visit? Would we mend fences both professionally and personally? How would that race to the finish look… and could it potentially change our mindset completely?

If we did know our “Sell By Date” we could possibly realize how precious life is, how short it is, and what a gift those around us are. Then, through random acts of kindness we could change the world to become a reverent reflection of the gift that life is. This epiphany would lead to our respecting humanity and all those diverse ethnic and religous peoples and beliefs ulitmately defining the best part of what societal evolution could become.

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