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In that instance when you find a guest coming to dinner that was unexpected… What do you do? It depends on the time frame. Any notice within a three hour period and it is door dash or one of the other quick fix solutions which takes the presure off. But what if you live in a rural area where there is not such animal? Panick time? No… here’s the formula.

Of course lets face it, every guest has a different set of strategic cooking formulas. Kids are spagheti, burgers, or hot dogs. Unless they are this generation and it becomes more complicated. Now there are gluten allergies and a host of other allergies associated with food. Now there is the all too familiar, “I don’t eat that”, “I can’t eat that”, and the standard go to ” I don’t like that.”

When I was growing up you ate what was on your plate and if you keeled over you were excused from the table. If you began to froth at the mouth and couldn’t breath you called Aunt Marianne. Simple… not so much now. I digress.

If you are entertaining friends you probably already know what they like. If you have the ingredients for executing their preferences you are ready to start preparing. However if you don’t have certain items needed for the meal you just made up you can always ask them to pick up certain items you may need to pull this dinner off to the best of your ability. This brings me to my first important point which has only taken me approximately four paragraphs to get to.

First and formost you must have the PAZAZ™ kitchen tools to perform at the highest culinary level. The heavy duty sheet pan, cooling rack, and silicone baking mat make the probability of success increase exponentially. I have researched the temperature capability and quality to exclaim, “There is no other product on the market today that can come close to the PAZAZ™ kitchen tools… for the discerning chef.” These tools help create the “Magic” that is necessary to attain culinary perfection.

Keep in your refrigerator the following items: 1. Organic salad mix. 2. Some type of protein you can pull from the freezer that will thaw in a microwave without affecting its composition. Usually, chicken, steak, or lamb will suffice. 3. Keep dried cranberries, pistachios or cashews, and mandarin oranges to add flavor to your salad. 4.  Keep an exotic vinegar or two with exotic oils to make your own salad dressing (simple and impressive). 5. Jasmine or Basmati rice which you can form by buttering a glass placing the rice within the receptacle and plopping out a perfect form. 6. Usually we have some type of vegatables which can be prepared in a myriad of ways. 7. The most important item… wine, liquor, or beer.

If the guest is someone you want to impress and the bombshell of them coming to dinner just exploded in your perverbial lap. Then, you will have to use the classic “look over here, not over there” trick. That is you need to dress up the table with cloth napkins, napkin rings, candles, placemats, show plates, and if you have them handy (look to the garden) flowers arranged in the center of the table. This will impress them before the dinner and if you serve enough of wine or other alcoholic beverage then none of the above really matters.

However, in the event your pride dictates you perform at the highest culinary level, then you must adapt simple sauces, techniques, and go to recipes, you’ve executed over the years. Here are a couple examples: 1. Whole grain mustard mixed with heavy cream gives a wonderful flavor to lamb and steak. 2. 2. Manchego cheese grated into heavy cream for a wonderful spin on an alfredo sauce. 3. Red wine reduced and then using the dripping from the steak or lamb whisk into a pan with sauted garlic. 4. Carmalize onions using Madeira wine or Port wine to place over the protein thus adding another layer of flavor.

Beautiful table setting with excellent wine highlighting wonderful conversation with an effort that appears to be thoughtful and well intended will convert the guest (if any conversion is necessary) to exhalting the experience to the plateau of a memory they will never forget.

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Another Path to Explore


it really is about the journey

Along this journey through the clouds of life (which upon entering) unveils the truth about that which we could not see. If only we could see the route ahead of time that revealed the most reward then our decisions would be 100% correct everytime. As we all know… hindsight is 20/20.

However there would be no lessons to learn and no history to be cautious about. We would then be in a perfect world with the greatest of lifes blessings to look forward to. Doesn’t sound half bad. It seems if we analyze this premise  that there would be far more arrogant people and less compassion for those that (for whatever reason) seemed to stray from center.

Lessons in life are the fabric that weave their web of conflict and reward. What appears to be recompense like the shoplifter that gives money to the person whom he stole from is but a tutorial written on the white board of life. This widsom then becomes a stepping stone to help us correctly identify the path which is deduced from our past experiences.

In many cases our initial take on friends, jobs, places to live are clouded by our inherent need to satisfy our quest for love, money, and beauty. These three terms  (love, money, and beauty) are difficult to capture in a bottle.  As time goes on we find fault in each one of these because of human frailty that reveals our own imperfections. The path is sometimes worn with the tears of deception created by a narative that goes beyond our sense of time and space.

Our own wisdom can be calibrated from time to time. This calibration requires unbridled humility coupled with the books we read and the people we associate with. Taking a step back to move forward is a process requiring patience and due diligence. Being patient requires a sense of timing that is found on the path of too much time or not enough time, or perfect timing.

The path is narrow and simple upon entering life’s merry-go-round. That is because our time is dictated by our parents through the constraints of school, sports, music, drama, and any other activity you can think of. Then, the path widens as we search for our identity through a job or other intellectual pursuit. Over the course of this period of discovery we usually find love. Love which is in retrospect, enigmatic and in many cases… fleeting.

A great number of people find the path to be worn by the happiness of conformity. Doing the same thing over and over until there is no more time left is what most people are comfortable with. When that time to leave is stamped on the forhead of those that choose this path, they are left with a conundrum. It seems their ability to enjoy life becomes a struggle because now they are on their own to determine their own destiny. This (in many cases) is overwhelming.

The path should widen at the end of our lives to reveal a landscape of possibility. This landscape can be a treasure trove of adventure, learning, and growing as a person. To be able to give back to the community and those you love and care about is the road less traveled.

Designing your life before it unfolds leads to choices many cannot fathom. These choices reveal the freedom we all deserve at a time in our lives when we should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Life is a cabernet poured from the worlds greatest winery to be drunk in quantities that heighten our senses, satisfies our palate, and expands our horizons.

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