Friends Forever

friends forever

Nothing is as precious as the relationships you develop that last over the course of a lifetime. I realize it’s pre-mature to state that since my life time is still continuing, evolving, and moving at the speed of time… however, any relationship that lasts more than 40 years should be in that elite category.

I’d have to say that if you have friends from your childhood and or college and your over 50 then you qualify for the blessed category of “life long” friends. The beautiful part of “life long” friends is that they know things about you, and you know things about them that are precious. Those jewels can be taken out of the memory box and discussed as if it were yesterday. And, for that brief moment, you can travel back in time which usually results in laughter or a comment like, “I can’t believe we did that!”

Every positive, long lasting relationship, brings us closer to a fine wine that ages gracefully as we pop the cork on a beloved memory. It starts with a wonderful sensory experience that creates a connection transcending space and time propelling us into a galaxy only reserved for what the best of humanity can provide, love.

I’ve got a couple friends I’ve known since boy scouts. We have stories that start in the third grade and continue through college, marriages, children, jobs, and continue to the present. Every birthday we call each other to wish the other one “Happy Birthday”. It seems like such a simple gesture but that call or card reflects a commitment that has lasted almost our entire lives.

When we count our blessings we should count those wonderful people in our lives that have lasted past thick and thin and have endured the changes that test even the most stedfast relationship. Another reason that these friendships are so special is because almost everything else is about beginnings and endings. Our schooling, our jobs, our hobbies and or interests over time… but friendships over the course of a lifetime evolve into that rare beautiful bottle of wine that only gets better over time.

If you can count even one friend like that you are blessed. I encourage anyone reading this to reach out to those that have made a difference in your life creating the bond that is even stronger as those memories become the glue that binds us together for a lifetime.

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