If I were a Barn… and other rural thoughts.


“If I were a Barn”

By Jack Jenkins

If I were a barn I’d want to live on a farm, I’d protect the horses, cows, and sheep, before I finally went to sleep. My color would be red with white trim and as strangers passed they want to grin because everyone knows that barns should be red with white trim.

Each year I’d have another coat very much like painting a boat. This would  protect me from the cold, and for all those that wish I’ll bring them into the fold.   I’d repay my friends with sanctuary after a long day of picking cherries.  The weather outside is sometimes cruel, but not if you follow the golden rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and someday in the not so distant future, an angel will appear. The offer will be clear, a golden parachute above the farm and all the tools you’ll need to build your own barn.

I sit on the porch after painting the barn with Nancy. We worked hard for a couple days to realize our labors have paid off. Now I look up to the barn and am so proud of another task we completed to make this house a home. It looks like the prettiest barn I’ve ever seen. After living here for a year I can tell you that this barn rates way up there.

Today I stopped by the side of the road to use my app, “Picture this”. The app identifies the plant so that when I look around and people ask I can actually tell them what the plant is. The plant I was identifying was a beautiful yellow flower that are blanketing the fields around us. This flower is the “False Lupin”. This flower is actually in the legume or bean family native to North America. It’s habitat is grasslands and woodlands which would describe the topography of our land perfectly.

I so enjoy the process of learning about where we live. From the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Nez Pierce Indians, and the Dworshak Dam. The dam is the third tallest in the United States on the North Fork of the Clearwater River in north central Idaho.

The Clearwater River was an important piece of the puzzle that Lewis and Clark put together to eventually reach the Pacifc Ocean. And so our learning continues in this magical place we call home.