The Recipe is PAZAZ™

pazaz baking pan cooling rack
If the dream is big enough… the facts don’t count!

Before I unveiled this amazing product line of kitchen tools I did the research to find a niche that would allow me to expand the current market place and bring to the end consumer a product that outdistances the competition. In researching this market place and determining which products to choose I looked for a combination of products that would work in concert with each other. Each tool would become better if it was used together to create an unparalleled culinary experience.

That is when I decided upon the Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan, and the Steel Mesh Cooling Rack. This is a perfect symbiotic relationship where one product compliments the other… but more importantly brings out the best when purchased as a complete package.

I reached out to over one hundred manufacturers and then drilled it down to twenty that would provide the quality and price combination I was looking for. I exacted a detailed regiment of testing which included but was not limited to extreme heat and cold, continuous use, and finally ease of cleaning/dishwasher safe.

While I was contacting manufacturers I was also deciding upon a brand. I wanted something that reflected the importance of bringing something special to the recipe. Something that added an important ingredient where the end consumer would say, “Wow!”.

I thought about how magic would, above all other resources or applications bring that type of reaction. Then it came to me… “PAZAZ™” The Magic of Cooking. Now I had the concept I had to create the brand symbol. This would be difficult for me as I have trouble drawing a stick man.

That is when I heard of Design Contest. The formula with Design Contest is to set a dollar amount that would attract quality graphic designers from around the world. All I would have to do is set the parameters in as much detail as would be required for them to understand what my goals were. Then, after they understood what the brand represented they could take it from there. The contest was active for 10 days before a beautiful design came from an artist from Bangladesh. After a little tweaking the symbol of the brand was in place. The winner of the contest from Bangladesh then won the money I had offered as incentive for creating this wonderful design.

In the meantime after testing the kitchen tools I relied on extensive communication with a myriad of manufacturers to see which one could provide the exact dimensions and quality branding I required, always keeping in mind the most important component, the end consumer.

I found a fantastic manufacturer that would provide the dimensions I required so that they would be suitable for any standard oven. This, while fitting together like a Chinese puzzle to seamlessly provide even heat distribution as a conduit to complete the perfect chefs creation.

What I love most about this brand is not only the quality it represents, the effort it took to create this brand, the way we package it, but also the cook book I wrote that is included with every purchase. These PAZAZ™ recipes reflect another aspect of attention to detail that for any dinner party helps bring PAZAZ™ “The Magic of Cooking” to your very special culinary event.

This blog is sponsored by PAZAZ™ bringing the “Magic of Cooking” to the discerning chef.