What Would You Ask Santa For… PAZAZ™ Style?

If your head was above the crowd and you could see what no one else could see, and you could ask Santa for something that would enhance your life exponentially… What would that vision look like?

If you’re in the Golden Years (that’s when you have to pee more often) would health be the number one request? Or would it be to travel to places you’ve always dreamed of visiting? Or would it be to have those people you’ve lost, during this short life, back with you to share one more very special moment?

If you’re like me we sometimes dream of those moments in places far away being able to achieve any physical task before us with the people we’ve loved and cared about. The beauty of the dream is that we are transported to a parallel universe that becomes so real its as if we believed in Santa all over again.

However, if you’re young it seems life will last forever. Perhaps in Never/Never land that is true but certainly not in real life. But sometimes the boundary between fiction and non fiction becomes blurred. Wouldn’t it be great if Santa did deliver packages to all the children in the world and because of his importance to humanity he never aged?

And what if on some level he answered our wishes and in the dream we’ve all had… we could fly? The human drones flying all over and even into places only accessible by flight. Santa would then have thousands of helpers to give presents to everyone in the world.

The Christmas I remember when I received that one gift from Santa I will always remember… was many years ago. The night before (Christmas Eve) we would start the festivities with our Christmas Eve meal which consisted of onion soup and a shrimp salad with thousand island dressing. Then, my mom, dad, and grandmother would sit in the living room around the Christmas tree located right by the fireplace. I would play Santa giving presents to my mom, dad, and grandmother from the gifts located under the tree. We would wait until everyone had their presents and then we would take turns opening the gifts.

I loved playing Santa as each of my parents and my grandmother would revert to their childhood. Each adult would shake the gift, look at the dimensions, and try to figure out what was inside. I think never losing the child within is a very important gift you can give yourself.

Typically I would make the gifts for my parents or spend my allowance on gifts or more than likely they would purchase a gift and put my name on the card with theirs. The smiles on their collective faces as they opened their gifts was a memory I will never forget. It certainly is part of the most important feelings I have associated with the “Christmas Spirit”.

The beauty of the season related to gifts culminated on Christmas Day. That is when the one gift (if I was on Santa’s good list) would appear as if by magic, usually in the living room by the Christmas tree. That one gift, at that moment in time (to this day) brings a warm feeling that can only be explained by the entire sensory experience.

The magic of discovery was heightened by the anticipation of the moment. That moment is framed in a time capsule I unwrap at this time every year. That year, many years ago, I walked into the living room to find the gift that was carefully hidden under the tree. It was a BB gun. To many that would seem like a trivial gift, but to me it was a right of passage that brought me into my teen age years unveiling the child that had now become a young man.

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