PAZAZ™ Pans, Baking Mats, and Cooling Racks… Oh MY!

pazaz baking pan cooling rack

As we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of the Holidays our attention turns to the ingredients that make these days so special. Of course it’s the combination of family, friends, social events, and the sometimes overlooked humanitarian thoughts that propel us to become better people.

86 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes and 51 seconds left until Christmas. That is the countdown as I write this blog to promote my PAZAZ™ products for the holidays. All of these holidays have one thing in common… baking and preparing food, which creates an unparalleled connection to family and friends around these wonderful, very special, once a year occasions.

Whether its baking or preparing savory items the PAZAZ™ Silicone Baking Mat, Heavy Duty Baking Sheet Pan, or the Steel Mesh Cooling Rack can launch your recipes into success. Release the stress of timing your recipes based upon inferior kitchen tools. Prepare exact time honored dishes with the confidence that the connectivity between the heat and the dish are conducted evenly and seamlessly to propel you to the kind of success you deserve.

Before I launched these products I received samples from over twenty manufacturers out of one hundred contacted. I then had a check list of what is important to me in baking and preparing both sweet and savory dishes. This list included but was not limited to testing each sample through a series of rigorous tasks designed to test both the heat conductivity, durability, longevity, extreme heat and cold flashing, and the ease of cleaning said products.

In addition to the above criteria I had others test and comment on size, convenience, and results of preparing both savory and sweet products. After months of testing and analyzation I drilled the choices down to five manufacturers that represented through reviews and personal contact the semblance of organization, ease of communication, and the immediate follow-through required for excellent customer service.

If you purchase the PAZAZ™ bundle of all three products in the next thirty days I will also send you a Go-Comb (sixteen dollar value) as my way of saying thanks for your support. PAZAZ™ represents a small business dedicated to quality and enriched by excellent customer service. Bring back “The Magic of Cooking!” with PAZAZ ™ and thank you in advance for your support!

PAZAZ ™ is to Cooking as Love is to Family

Friends toasting outdoors

As cooking evolves into an art form that has been exposed to the masses we embrace the possibility of creating a dish that provokes our creativity and smiles upon our most satisfying impulses.

This evolution of sorts has been the result of a heightened exposure through many different forms of the media to exact an almost religious fervor among patrons of this art form. Every different form of cooking show is now broadcast 24/7 to the delight of foodies. Not to mention magazines, talk shows, and blogs such as this one.

When I say every different form, the amount of various configurations of TV shows are endless. We have been exposed to many cooking shows and these are but a few of them; Master Chef (name the city), Master Chef Junior, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, CupCake Wars, Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef, and my personal favorite… THROWDOWN with Bobby Flay. Seeing a competitive chef compete against someone that has one spectacular dish is amazing. You have to give chef Flay major kudos when he tries to best another chef on their home turf with a recipe he attempts to duplicate (with a twist), the dish the other chef has been executing for years.

I digress. The reason I mention the above fervor is because with this exposure comes a renewed importance in regards to the culinary and social aspects of food. When using the PAZAZ ™ kitchen products (Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan, and the Steel Mesh Cooling Rack), we understand the nuances of quality that help us execute the recipe we’ve seen on TV or the dish we’ve tasted in our favorite restaurant.

This connecting of the dots between food, friends and family becomes an event centered around the love we express through the food we share, or the food we prepare for others. There are few social interactions that we treasure anymore but this is one that has taken on an almost symbiotic relationship between the chef and the guests, friends, or family the food is prepared for.

The importance of cooking with PAZAZ ™ cannot be overstated. To bring a recipe to life through the tools that provide you the greatest opportunity for success means you are honoring yourself and those that trust your expertise. With that labor of love the bridge is built from food to family subtly forming a sensory image that will last well beyond the moment we just captured on film.

Pazaz ™ is Timing and that is Everything

From the timing of life’s events to the simple execution of a recipe, timing is everything. I reflect over the course of my life and I see the daily changes that are magnified by the choices I’ve made. This, in almost every case, has to do with either an opportunity lost or a positive moment seized.

A planned positive result is realized by the hard work we put in to line up that event so that the outcome leads us to a calculated win. In the culinary arts we read and execute a recipe that becomes a statement about the many experiences that led us to prepare that dish. I have found that creating layers of flavors entices the recipient to enjoy the many facets of sweet, savory, spicy, combined with textures that intrigue and delight.

No recipe can be executed without calculating the timing that marry’s the ingredients into a cohesive dish. It’s interesting how this formula translates to a series of simple and seemingly unconnected dots that connect into a picture that becomes a vision for success.

When I was a kid I was introduced to building model cars. At first I’d build and paint the outside of the car, put it together, and put it on my shelf. Later I realized that to undertake this task and complete it effectively I had to add the engine. Not because the car actually functioned but because the integrity of the experience was not completely realized. Painstakingly I would assemble those small parts that eventually helped me somewhat understand the inner workings of the engine. Of course without the engine this model was just a shell without the drive.

Without the glue and the proper tools to complete the building of the model it would have been virtually impossible to finish the task. That coupled with the understanding of how the parts fit together and the proper way to assemble the car was an integral part of success.

As we assemble recipes we must follow the steps to perfect the timing that will infuse the flavors perfectly… this is the art. The timing is enhanced by the conductive properties of the PAZAZ ™ products. The PAZAZ ™ non-stick silicone baking mat, heavy duty baking sheet pan, and the cooling rack work together and functions like the glue that holds the recipe together.

The car without the engine is the recipe without the steps being followed in order to execute the timing that is necessary to maintain the integrity of the dish.

Teamwork and the Magic of PAZAZ™

kitchen teamwork with pazaz premium bakeware
Throughout history the most successful endeavors which include but are not limited to the military, business, or sports are the ones that morph individuals into a cohesive team that works as one to achieve a common goal.

Militarily branches and “teams” are responsible for the very freedoms we enjoy today. The Seals, Rangers, The Green Berets, and dozens of other branches of our armed forces train to perfect the most effective way to combat threats. Teamwork increases the advantage in every form of military unit, business, and sport.

In business, Hewlett Packard started as two men working to create technical solutions to devices and then sell to business and the public… this brand began in a garage. Jobs and Wozniak (founders of Apple) wanted to change the way people viewed computers, small enough to use in their homes or business. Now Apple demonstrates a world wide presence that encompasses a variety of devices that have become the standard for a social and economic paradigm shift.

An Austrian born American chef, Wolfgang Puck’s notoriety began in 1982 when he opened Spago in Los Angeles. His team began assembling a like minded group of top quality restaurant management and staff to become a hospitality juggernaut. Involved in over 100 restaurants, retail operations, and catering, his legacy however involves perhaps his greatest vision, bringing world class restaurants to Las Vegas.

In this masterful stroke of genius he supplanted the buffet with top flight restaurants and now food, beverage, and entertainment has netted more revenue for hotel/casinos then gambling.

Within the orchestration of these team concepts comes that one absolute. Without the proper tools to succeed these different tasks that government and entrepreneurial ventures attempt would be virtually impossible to execute without the magic ingredients or the highest quality tools to overcome the obstacles encountered.

When you began to create a team to prepare a dish in the kitchen it is vitally important to incorporate the highest quality kitchen tools on the market today. Bring PAZAZ ™to the kitchen and the use of our Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat, Steel Mesh Cooling Rack, and the Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan will bring the “Magic of Cooking” to a dinner that ultimately becomes a memory.

The teamwork I speak of is you and the products that PAZAZ ™ provides. Be it in a restaurant or at home our success in the kitchen will be greatly enhanced by the PAZAZ ™ bundle of products.

These PAZAZ ™products work together as one in a team effort to create a magical moment that brings a smile to the faces of all those that sample our very special culinary creations. With PAZAZ ™in your kitchen success is now a given as preparedness and opportunity meet.

Add PAZAZ™ To Pairing

wine pairing pazaz bakewareAs summer comes to a swift conclusion we assess the vacations we took, the memories we shared, and the events that changed our lives. Each part of this equation becomes in essence the pairing of small seemingly insignificant situations that collectively become another chapter in our lives.

We have learned to pair certain people together and with that pairing comes the spider web effect. We want to spend more time with certain friends luring them to our event knowing the audience we want to attract and the interests they share.

This analogy translates to many different ideas and situations but especially to those that share a passion for food, wine, and music. Translating these artful compositions woven into the ever changing tapestry we call life enhances the possibility of a memory we will never forget.

Add PAZAZ™ to your arsenal of kitchen tools becomes a necessity as you look for new ways to “WOW” your guests. The PAZAZ™non-stick silicone baking mat, heavy duty aluminum baking sheet pan, and the steel mesh cooling rack can help you create, seamlessly, a myriad of dishes the chef can exhibit that provides non-stick evenly cooked creations.

When you pair wine with food why not take it to the next level? Have a wine barrel chipped from your favorite winery. Take those chips and incorporate them into the dishes you are creating. This, via smoking, or placing underneath on the PAZAZ™ heavy duty aluminum sheet pan with the PAZAZ™ cooling rack on top will impart the flavors of the wine into the product. These flavors from the chips will infuse into the savory appetizer or entree you’ve assembled. Then, when you serve the wine from the barrel that was chipped with these dishes you have created the ultimate pairing of wine and food.

Of course to take it one step further you must add color for seasonality and music for the emotion you are trying to evoke. This seems a bit over the top but what if this was your last meal and you didn’t exaggerate your favorite responses to elicit something beyond just dining for sustenance?

The greatest meals I have ever had weren’t created just because the food was amazing. The single greatest experiences have been created by the servers that listen, teach, guide, pair wine/beer/liquor with food and form a bond of trust that transcends the order taker. This transcendence to the sublime makes the gourmet food server the orchestrator of an experience morphing into a memory that will last a life time.