Music, Art, Poetry, and of Course… Food / Drink, PAZAZ™ Style!

We all dance to a different tune which is played by the instrument of experience that becomes the theme of whom we are. This dance is possible because of the history we have with those we love and the truth we seek from those we trust. Woven into this dance are the nuances of environment, the books we read, and the spiritual guidance from up above.

The nuances of environment can be captured by a myriad of unexpected sensory pleasures. Many of us will remember a relationship captured by the words, beat, and tonality of a song. Others will be triggered by a poem, a work of art, or simply the surroundings of a crowd, a group, or the beauty of a place in which something very special occurred.

Each decade is a reflection of our social consciousness through the music we listen to as a nation, as a culture, and as individuals capturing the spirit of humanity.

The fifties brought us the care-free upbeat bebop singing about growing up as teenagers and young adults.

The sixties brought us the theme of protest but also the melodic birth of Motown and of course the Beatles and the Stones.

The seventies inspired us with perhaps the greatest collection of rock and roll bands in history.

The eighties is a blur, the nineties was the surge in popularity of techno or house music and hip-hop.

2000 rolled around and the music scene was chill, house, and latino pop. And here we are… another decade kicked off with protest and unrest. Out of the flames of discontent grows the seeds for discourse, poetic nuance, and the rebirth of our nation. This decade should be like the 60’s emblematic of powerful music driven by passion and pain.

The books we are reading now have to do with culinary recipes, history (God forbid we repeat it), and getting lost in some fictional place loosely based upon the reality we’re trying to escape.

Food and drink have become our social playground to release the anxiety from the pressures of everyday life. These food and beverage gatherings usually include family or our very special friends. We are truly blessed during such events as the wonderful connection that binds us together can be the spark that holds a very special collection of memories etched into the frame around our lives.

Through all of this our foundation for seeking a greater understanding of ourselves and others through prayer and dialogue has led me to two reflective points:

First – Believing in God or some spiritual entity or path cannot come solely from within but must also come from above.

Secondly – The one thing you know is… you never know!

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Music, Art, and Poetry… PAZAZ™ Style!

music art poetry pazaz style bakeware

Throughout the 50’s and 60’s (20th century), US history can find emblematic reflection of social consciousness traced to music, art, and poetry. Of course every decade has its statements that unfold the envelope of human societal evolution. But to see the beginning of this in my lifetime as I reflect on the current unrest that has divided our country I see the pendulum swing.

The music of the fifties was about love, dancing, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, within a framework of simplicity that captured the spirit of the times. The art movement was abstract expressionism while any disillusioned voice became vocal through the medium of beat poets. The 1950’s history can be summed up as a time of conformity and compliance. There was underneath it all a rising tide of rebellion that would rear its head in the sixties. However, for the most part, it was poodle skirts, cruising, interesting jargon expressed in jazz scat singing and beat poetry which made its way into mainstream television with the popular show, Dobie Gillis.

All of this relative peace and tranquility would soon lead to music beyond our shores with the onslaught of the “British Invasion”, and then our own full on music, art, and poetry rebellion.

The music of the sixties produced the most profound explosion of rock groups that has extended into our current lifetime. The Beatles, Stones, Doors, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and a host of others produced music that was both creative and symbolic. Experimental drug use, the Vietnam war, riots across campuses through-out America, assassinations, landing on the moon, and the all important racial consciousness brought passion to music rarely experienced before or since.

In visual art, movements such as Pop Art (Andy Warhol) and Psychedelic Art (illegible hand-drawn type with intense optical color) became the most significant and shape-shifting concepts of these tumultuous times.

Poetry written by William Carlos Williams, Phyllis McGinely, John Berryman were conventional in composition and content but new ground was being broken wide open through cultural and political avenues highlighted by Langston Hughes, Amiri Baraka, and Gil Scott-Heron (The Revolution will not be Televised).

This poetic political landscape featured the rise of the Black Panthers, Flower Power, and Vietnam protests. This was the opening of the flood gate to pose important questions about race, gender, class, sexuality, and identity at large. Poetry is a tool which interacts with the world looking critically on the basis of language and aesthetics, but is also a counter-cultural product that has the ability to occupy both cult and mainstream status.

Today’s protests that have divided our country seem more a function of divide and conquer through a myriad of carefully calculated events. If you trust our government (Kennedy assassination, 9-11, etc.), and you trust Big Pharma, then absolutely go out and dance up and down for your vaccination shot (not knowing what’s in it our what the side effects are). But if you really want the truth go to “Part 1 “Birth of Big Pharma”. Just remember one thing in all the protests, vaccinations, and division politics… follow the money! Times they be a changing.

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Beautiful Sedona, PAZAZ™ STYLE!

There are places in this world that contain a magic that is like a poetic dance weaving a message that connects our physical and spiritual presence to the world we see. Sedona Arizona is just such a place.

Very few domains on earth have been identified as having Vortexes… Sedona is just such a place. A Vortex, as I understand it, is a combination of a spiritual energy in this case from a myriad of Indian tribes (Yavapai,Tonto, Hopi, and Navajo), and also the geological magnetic pulse that emanates from the sandstone that provides a orange/reddish picture frame and of course the magnetite and crystals.

The fascinating effects of the uplift of the Colorado plateau is like reading a map of history. The map follows the effects of mother nature on the rock formations that create an amazing ecosystem providing the natural habitat for both native cultures and the natural flora and fauna that inhabit this region.

As you drive up the canyon on route 89 you notice the majesty of the dense forest, the stream beside the road, and of course the large rock formations that have been the opening curtain to a town that needs no introduction. When first you gaze upon the rocks that form a natural sandstone chess board you’ll notice the locals have aptly chosen names for every one of their favorite natural sculpts that add distinction to magnificence.

Some of the prominent red rock formations in west Sedona include “Thunder Mountain”, “Coffee Pot Rock”, “Chimney Rock”, and of course the quartet wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “Cathedral Rock”. The latter mentioned “Cathedral Rock” is one of the most photographed sights in Arizona. The rock formation is located in the Coconino National Forest in Yavapai County, about a 1/4 mile west of Arizona Route 179.

Certain things are a must to experience:

    • Pink Jeep Tour – “The Broken Arrow”
    • The Magical “Vortex Tour”
    • Helicopter Ride – Sedona Air Tours
    • Restaurants – The Mariposa, The Hudson, and Cress on the Creek.
    • Near Sedona – Jerome “The Haunted Town”… please don’t miss this town!

No matter what your preference for fun, adventure, and dining… Sedona has the formula to provide a respite from the riggers of everyday life. This is a town and culture that can take you to a magical place that transcends the possibilities most experiences offer.

If you decide to go to Sedona don’t hesitate to contact me before you go at… I promise you one thing… you won’t forget the magic this city provides for any type of budget that can quickly translate into a memory.

This Message Sent from a Rotary Phone…PAZAZ Style!

Are we in some kind of Orwellian experiment reflecting a dystopian account of a future totalitarian state? Governors of each state have created their own fiefdom as rulers that dictate our social behavior. We are being ruled, not governed, while bars are closed in some states, open in others. Restaurants open for dining inside in some locals or just take out but closed all together in others. Banks open like a shell game trying to discover the next inconsistent move as they are closed one day and open the next.

In addition to this, there are the masks, social distancing, footprints to stand in, only one way in, one way out. We are in the midst of some great social experiment to see how far we will be pushed into a corner. This, while we’re supposed to believe the Covid 19 statistics from a government that has relied on the unproven, discounted agenda, of Anthony Fauci. This man, Fauci, predicted in 2017 a pandemic during the Trump administration. This virus under all factual accounts was created in a laboratory by whom and for what purpose is becoming very clear. Create fear, distance humanity, and triumph over the will of the people. Then, throw into the mix, a divisive racial message and you have the perfect discourse to further distance us from our constitution.

Riots, people that believe the mask is worthy while others believe the opposite. Take the focus off the government and distance people further (as if technology wasn’t enough) while attempting to rely on a customer service system, that for the last thirty years, has been in steady decline.

Every state’s unemployment system is overwhelmed, banks provide no customer service, and if you are looking for a refund for travel… good luck! Where are we living? Are we seeing the onset of a socialist third world country (Venezuela) that has decided to give benefits (that in many cases) twice what many were making before? Buying votes while printing money to support unemployment handouts under the guise of a benevolent government that is only looking out for our best interests? Republican or Democrat the message of the sensible, middle of the road voter has been drowned out by a media that wants to push the narrative to fit its own agenda.

The middle has been erased and all that is left are two angry sets of voters, each one with enough vitriolic hatred to fill our once packed sports stadiums. If all of this didn’t make sense you add the voice of the angry “disenfranchised” trying to create enough wind behind the sails of a movement to “defund” the police. No protection, something for nothing… yeah… this is going to end well.

However, out of all this hope springs eternal. The hope is that our constitution and those strong, hard working Americans that support our country will rise up and put an end to this “election virus” and all that it stands for. On the other side, in this period of chiropractic adjustment, our country needs this wake up call as a stronger America will be born out of these ashes of discontent.

This message sent… from a Rotary Phone.

The Pendulum Swings

Those of you that are sports fans are probably perplexed that your once safe bastion of pleasure has now been hijacked by the very white noise we tried to escape. Politicizing sports for the benefit of those that only look to divide this country further has certainly reached a fevered pitch.

I always thought that sports benefit the political machine. As we’re watching a home run, a three pointer, or a touchdown, certain politically motivated “representatives” with our “best” interests in mind could pass bills that were driven by lobbyists and their own special interests. These lobbyists, (they claim have no power) are then given real power to control the political narrative of the very people we voted for sworn to protect us.

If you haven’t noticed our country is fighting for its constitutional life behind the “required”

mask of oppression. This, while being destroyed from within by a power grabbing agenda that will do anything to gain the votes needed to change the direction of our great nation. I have never seen this kind of ruthless attack in my lifetime that would sacrifice the freedoms we hold so dear while controlling the media to further their message of racism and marginalization.

For those of you that know me you know that I am an avid sports fan. I have always loved the 49er’s, Giants, and Warriors. The connection I have felt to those iconic sports franchises has driven my passion for decades. Living in the bay area I have gone to many professional football, baseball, and basketball games.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure then to sit and watch from start to finish the unscripted beauty of any one of the above mentioned teams competing at the highest level to attain the goal of winning a championship. Those of us that support the afore mentioned teams can attest to the fact that over the course of the last 40 years few cities have produced as many championships as our beloved cities in the bay area.

Now the pendulum has swung to include divisive messages that seem to have been embraced by professional sports. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) flag flying at Levi stadium, the majority of athletes for the Giants and Warriors kneeling during the national anthem, and finally the talk of another anthem playing in addition to our own National Anthem. In addition to all that, college athletes in the Pack 12 are threatening to “opt out” if their demands related to the BLM Marxist agenda are not met.

The point that is not realized here is two fold:

Number one is the fact that when a narrow divisive message that is not the message of the majority is embraced as a political “football” then there will be consequences that goes beyond sport.

Number two is far more important. The fact is, our nation is under attack.

I could go into a lengthy diatribe about the reason behind the pandemic, the BLM movement, and the forces that have created this plot to change the constitution and everything it stands for.

However, those of you that can’t see it will stand by your convictions and those that can don’t need to hear the regurgitation of the facts as outlined by qualified doctors, historians, and people of color. And with that I leave you with two points:

First, I personally will no longer watch or support the very sports that don’t support “All Lives Matter”.

Secondly, what if it was music that could no longer be played because it was produced by someone that had an ancestor that possibly had slaves?

Or what if a group deemed the music offensive clinging to some obscure doctrine to make a point.

Then this censorship was embraced by the controlling political interests that have led to our current dilemma?… “The three men I admire the most, the father, son, and the holy ghost. They took the last train for the coast… the day… the music died.”