To Be A Fan… PAZAZ™ Style!

To be a fan of anything starts with passion. Be it sport, entertainment, food, literature, or even the obscure obsession with something that is unusual and far from the maddening crowd… our “passion” with these different, diverse, and intriguing subjects is part of the human condition.

Of course with these different subjects (in many cases) it is possible that a spark will ignite to fuel the flames of intellectual discourse. A sports fan will argue about the history of a sport, team, and current health of said team while infusing the ever present statistics displayed in a way to strengthen their argument. This is a wonderful way to look into the sports lineage of the speaker to connect where they lived, whom their parents were (and who their parents rooted for when they were young), sometimes what their favorite color is, or exposure to a team based upon television or radio while growing up.

No matter what the case, sports has a unique display of affection, intensity, devotion, joy, rage, disbelief, zeal, and even distress when watching your favorite team play. The script is never written and usually come playoff time an argument can be made for either team. This banter between fans (which is short for “fanatics”) is one of the beautiful residual effects of human disquisition.

When discussing entertainment there is a propensity towards having certain preferences that align with our exposure to specific entertainment influences. Within the confines of music, certain genres like classical, jazz, rock, popular music, hip-hop, or rap are influenced (in many cases) by culture stemming from where we grew up and of course what we are exposed to. This is true in all other subjects which brings me to the point of all this.

Cultural anthropology which is the study of human societies and their development weaves all of the above mentioned subjects into one basket to determine the “cultural” DNA of its subject. This is a very interesting composition of study when you look at where and what we eat, what we read and how we’re educated, what entertainment factors into our enjoyment and satisfaction, the geographical and pure emotional allegiance to sports teams, and finally our overall disposition as it relates to the above preferences.

Having said all of that and touching briefly on the human condition I can honestly say two things…

Go Niners!!!!

I Hate the Cowboys!!!!