2021 Where Hope Springs Eternal, PAZAZ™ Style!

Thank God 2020 is almost in our rear view mirror. The view for 2021 is a hopeful yet cautious approach, like sticking one toe in the water to gauge the temperature. Some things to look forward to would be open businesses, more transparency from our news sources, and a climate that brings masks, social distancing, and the constant fear of contamination into the distant past.

It has become more apparent to me than ever how important our industry, the restaurant business is. We have so many people coming to Las Vegas, escaping from California, to enjoy some semblance of normality with each guest asking the same question, “Why?”

Unfortunately this answer is complicated and delves deep into places most of you don’t want to go. However, on the horizon is the hope that all small businesses that have survived and those that will be spawned from the eventual awakening will thrive like never before. I think most people can now truly appreciate what we had prior to our current situation and will enjoy with great adulation the freedom we took for granted.

If there was a time to celebrate the New Year… now is the time. Pull out the good bottle of champagne, try foie gras, eat some Kobe beef, and dance like its 1970 when disco was introduced. Disco was born on Valentine’s Day 1970 when David Manusco opened “The Loft” in New York City… the peak was 1979/1980. So here we are drinking, eating, and dancing to our hearts content un-tethered by a mask, or the distance between us which in reality is only the six inches between our ears.

Plant tulips so you can look forward to the beauty of nature. Donate your time (or if you don’t have that precious commodity) then donate money to your favorite charity. And most of all protect your heart for it is the beat that helps you march to a path that awakens that great spirit within.

When we are younger we can hardly wait for summer away from school and maybe closer to adventure and complete relaxation. When we’re out of school and have a job we look forward to that precious vacation that helps us recharge our batteries. Almost without exception we look to the future as a window that will open new opportunities in both our personal and professional lives. Then there is the life ahead of us without the job or the house full of children.

This is where the metal meets the road. If we’ve planned (or just been lucky) we see the years ahead to hone our hobby skills which may include music, writing, painting, cooking, building something, or unbridled travel. One of the most important aspects of all of this is taking care of our health. This will determine our quality of life so that when hope does spring eternal we can take advantage of our hard work and truly enjoy the nuances of life with those we love and care about.