A Main Course You WILL Want To Serve, PAZAZ™ Style

This combination of Lamb in a whole grain mustard sauce, fine herbs, fresh organic corn, organic mushrooms and caramelized onions, black tea rice, shaved organic beets topped with a home made salsa garnished with garden grown rosemary is a dish you must serve at your next very special dining event.

To begin, there are two very important steps to preparing an excellent meal. First, there is the purchasing of the ingredients. There can be no skimping in purchasing the best lamb available and the lamb must be complimented by all organic produce.

Secondly, the art of preparing any meal is the art of preparation or as the French call it,”Mise en place”,(everything in its place).

Now comes the fun part, your vision for the creation of the meal.

Step One

Boil the Golden Beets until still firm. Then season with garlic powder and sea salt (to taste) and place them on the PAZAZ™ Steel Mesh Rack on top of the PAZAZ™ Baking Mat and then inside of the PAZAZ™ Heavy duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan at 350 degrees. This will create an aerodynamic stream of air that will finish cooking the beets to a semi-firm consistency. After achieving the proper consistency and flavor place in a bowl and immerse in a Pineapple Balsamic made by Trio Carmel. Then cool in refrigerator until dinner time.

Step Two

Husk the corn and place in boiling water for 3 minutes. Take corn off of cob and place in bowl cover and place in refrigerator.

Step Three

Unwrap Lamb and season with fresh garlic olive oil and chopped rosemary. Leave the meat out 20 minutes prior to cooking.

Step Four

Place 1/4 cup of Organic Heavy Cream in small pot on stove pryer to cooking lamb. Take to large table spoons of Whole Grain Mustard (your favorite) and place in Organic Heavy Cream.

Step Five

Take out Beets and corn and let sit until they achieve room temperature.

Step Six

Cover the surface of your large frying pan with Olive Oil and put gas on high. Wait until oil is bubbling until you place the seasoned lamb in the pan. You want to pan sear it on both sides (2 minutes each side) or until brown.

Step Seven

Place Lamb on the PAZAZ™ Baking Mat inside of the PAZAZ™ Heavy Duty Baking Sheet Pan in the oven at 350 degrees. Use thermometer to achieve 132 temperature. Remember the lamb will continue to cook when you take it out. Let lamb sit for 10 minutes before carving.

Step Eight

Caramelize onions with Madera wine and butter to taste. Then add in mushrooms and more butter and a whisper of sea salt to taste.

Step Nine

Turn on burner for sauce (Whole Grain Mustard Sauce) and let cook until it bubbles then remove from heat.

Step Ten

Place Organic Black Tea Rice in Microwave for 90 seconds. You can do this part on the stove but it will take at least 20 minutes to prepare.

Last Steps… The assembly

Place rice in mold to form and place on plate. Shave Golden Beet over the Black Tea Rice and finish with homemade salsa. Then heat the corn with butter and salt to taste. Place corn below rice topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Lastly carve lamb and place two or three pieces depending upon your guests in an upright position on the plate to give the plate a sense of height. Finish with mustard sauce and garnish with Rosemary.

There it is… a wonderful dish that is relatively simple to prepare but gives your guest an entree difficult to find in most restaurants. Pair this dish with a wine decanted, the Grenache from Herman Story winery in Paso Robles. Decant an hour before serving.