A PAZAZ™ Moment in Time…

As we continue our journey into the future our perspective on almost everything changes. Our look at the importance of friends, family, and materialistic things adjusts like the adjustment from a chiropractor, only different.

For most people, family and friends become so much more important as materialistic things take a back seat to everything. We realize that the joy from a materialistic item is fleeting while the joy from a hug, a kiss, a smile, a kind word tends to morph into a memory that embodies the best of what humanity treasures. This treasure goes into a vault that we choose when to open and what to look at.

Some of us plan for the future, others are content to let life dictate their circumstance and others have completely given up. But no matter what your outlook on life I believe we all hold certain moments of our past as “very special” memories that give us cause to smile. This smile engages the psychological apparatus that triggers our deepest most compassionate key to the vault.

The smile I am referring to is a reflective response to an event that usually involves a family member or significant other. When we open the vault to look at this very special memory we are sometimes saddened by the fact that the person we are thinking about is no longer with us. The message seems clear enough that humanity is about relationships and how these treasures help mold our circumstances and whom we become as people.

Sometimes I like to watch old westerns and remember when those were made my parents were in their 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s and what they were doing during that time period. This causes me to go to the vault and remember their sacrifices for me while they lived a happy and very musical life. Again, this precious take on a time period involving my parents becomes more significant as I get older. It becomes more important, it becomes that smile I take out of the vault and realize the importance of all they did for me while taking their eyes off themselves. This becomes a lesson for me to learn how to be a better person through random acts of kindness with no quid pro quo in return… and there in lies the reward.

Todays family and friends are the cornerstone of our support systems that transcends time and provides the happiness we thrive on and hold onto throughout the navigation across the vicissitudes of life.

The holidays bring these “Moments in Time” to the forefront which results in the consummation of a thought propelled by a person that at some point in time made a difference in our lives. To them and for us lets celebrate those “Moments in Time” as we remember what’s really important and to whom we are blessed to have in our lives…