A Place That Lives In Your Heart Forever

a place that lives in your heart

Recently I took a trip with Nancy to a very special place. This is a place that I can safely say holds memories that are some of my fondest over the course of a lifetime… and I know I’m not alone in that assessment.

Chico California for many that have lived there, gone to school there, fashioned a career there, is the kind of town that grows for many into a spiritual mecca. If there was ever a town that could breath life into our souls it would be Chico.

The kind of breath one can only dream of when thinking of someone or something that brings an internal smile that expands into laughter from the heart as you arrive within the city limits. This town actually has no limits as it possesses the hearts, minds, and souls from all those that have graduated from Chico State University.

Many that have moved on to other places in search of the happiness they once took for granted spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out how to come back and raise their families in Chico. It’s really hard to put your finger on why this place is so special. It really can’t succinctly be defined but rather lives in a universe unto itself.

For me, Sigma Nu fraternity brought me to understand what it was like to be apart of something great. Sigma Nu imparted the wisdom of love, truth, and honor. I never knew what a brotherhood was until those brothers that mentored me, believed in me, helped me understand the power of a fraternal organization that has resulted in the cultivation of friendships that have lasted a life time.

I can’t tell you how valuable that ability to connect with others and accomplish goals promoting the group over one individual can be in an overview of business mirroring life. Beyond the fraternity, Chico State University is also a connection between like minds that share a synergy that always results in conversations revolving around the best times of our lives.

Chico State University has become for many a springboard for accomplishments that go well beyond the expectations of others and result in talent driven execution of tasks thought to be out of the realm of possibility.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Bidwell Park (one of the most beautiful places on earth). Besides the brotherhood and the education, Bidwell Park stands by itself as a natural ecosystem for hundreds of different species of trees, plants, and fauna.

Big Chico Creek originates near Colby Mountain and meanders through the town of Chico carrying with it the lifeblood of many that have followed its trajectory towards the path far less traveled.

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