A Poem… PAZAZ™ Style

“Beginnings and Endings”

By Jack Jenkins

I went to a place I’ve never been,

down a road I’ve traveled again and again.

I’ve seen the faces of those I’ve loved,

the past, the present, and up above.

They’re expressions give witness to memories adrift,

a lightning strike ensemble playing a short jazz rift.

And through the kaleidoscope we are taught how to feel,

an emotionless narration from a colorless wheel.

As the stories we create become our lives,

a lone cloud bursts into pastel skies.

These envelopes of hope are wrapped in a gift,

the illusionary voyage of a lost ghost ship.

This dream is a symphony played out through our life,

a heavenly excursion ending in night.

Alone but together we fall from site,

an enigmatic journey to the afterlife.

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