Add PAZAZ™ To Pairing

wine pairing pazaz bakewareAs summer comes to a swift conclusion we assess the vacations we took, the memories we shared, and the events that changed our lives. Each part of this equation becomes in essence the pairing of small seemingly insignificant situations that collectively become another chapter in our lives.

We have learned to pair certain people together and with that pairing comes the spider web effect. We want to spend more time with certain friends luring them to our event knowing the audience we want to attract and the interests they share.

This analogy translates to many different ideas and situations but especially to those that share a passion for food, wine, and music. Translating these artful compositions woven into the ever changing tapestry we call life enhances the possibility of a memory we will never forget.

Add PAZAZ™ to your arsenal of kitchen tools becomes a necessity as you look for new ways to “WOW” your guests. The PAZAZ™non-stick silicone baking mat, heavy duty aluminum baking sheet pan, and the steel mesh cooling rack can help you create, seamlessly, a myriad of dishes the chef can exhibit that provides non-stick evenly cooked creations.

When you pair wine with food why not take it to the next level? Have a wine barrel chipped from your favorite winery. Take those chips and incorporate them into the dishes you are creating. This, via smoking, or placing underneath on the PAZAZ™ heavy duty aluminum sheet pan with the PAZAZ™ cooling rack on top will impart the flavors of the wine into the product. These flavors from the chips will infuse into the savory appetizer or entree you’ve assembled. Then, when you serve the wine from the barrel that was chipped with these dishes you have created the ultimate pairing of wine and food.

Of course to take it one step further you must add color for seasonality and music for the emotion you are trying to evoke. This seems a bit over the top but what if this was your last meal and you didn’t exaggerate your favorite responses to elicit something beyond just dining for sustenance?

The greatest meals I have ever had weren’t created just because the food was amazing. The single greatest experiences have been created by the servers that listen, teach, guide, pair wine/beer/liquor with food and form a bond of trust that transcends the order taker. This transcendence to the sublime makes the gourmet food server the orchestrator of an experience morphing into a memory that will last a life time.