Add PAZAZ ™ to the Holidays

Kicking off the holiday season with Halloween is fun and exciting. Usually we travel to Sedona for Halloween to enjoy a restaurant scene that has blossomed over the course of the last four years. No other town I’ve been to has transformed their culinary arts as swiftly and effectively as Sedona.

The majestic ambience of the Mariposa restaurant or Cress on Oak Creek provides a magical experience that envelopes the diner in tranquility.

The Mariposa is a beautifully designed restaurant that features inside to outside dining tastefully featuring lighting, sculpture, and texture in an Arizona motif. This artfully conceived restaurant with panoramic views elevates the sensory montage of food, wine, and service. Elegant visuals that captivate from plate to surroundings helps create a very special dining event.

Down the road and on the creek is Cress on the Creek. Sitting outside, when weather permits, next to a creek with the spectacular sound and lighting feels therapeutic. The calming nature of the creek coupled with a prix fix menu that doesn’t disappoint frames a dinning experience that is sublime.

Driving south west from Sedona is a town called Jerome. This town is the perfect town to visit on Halloween. Why? Because the town is haunted!

Jerome is an artist enclave that features everything from glass blowing, painters, sculptors, and leather craftsmen. Most of the art reflects the vistas and natural ingredients integrated into whatever medium the artist has chosen. This town’s “hook” however is that its haunted, and Halloween is the consummate Jerome holiday.

Up on the hill used to be an insane asylum. Now its the “Jerome Hotel”. We love to go there on Halloween and dine at their restaurant appropriately named, “THE ASYLUM”. We have actually had several encounters with weird ghost like energy while dining at “THE ASYLUM”. This is the perfect interlude to kick off the holiday season in PAZAZ ™ style.

Baking is synonymous with the holiday season and nothing prepares you for success like the PAZAZ ™ baking products. The Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan, and the Steel Mesh Cooling Rack work in concert to elevate your baking with ease and confidence because you know you are using the finest hand-crafted kitchen tools.

Enjoy the holidays with family and friends so that you can look back on a season filled with the joy, laughter, and love you deserve.