Beautiful Sedona, PAZAZ™ STYLE!

There are places in this world that contain a magic that is like a poetic dance weaving a message that connects our physical and spiritual presence to the world we see. Sedona Arizona is just such a place.

Very few domains on earth have been identified as having Vortexes… Sedona is just such a place. A Vortex, as I understand it, is a combination of a spiritual energy in this case from a myriad of Indian tribes (Yavapai,Tonto, Hopi, and Navajo), and also the geological magnetic pulse that emanates from the sandstone that provides a orange/reddish picture frame and of course the magnetite and crystals.

The fascinating effects of the uplift of the Colorado plateau is like reading a map of history. The map follows the effects of mother nature on the rock formations that create an amazing ecosystem providing the natural habitat for both native cultures and the natural flora and fauna that inhabit this region.

As you drive up the canyon on route 89 you notice the majesty of the dense forest, the stream beside the road, and of course the large rock formations that have been the opening curtain to a town that needs no introduction. When first you gaze upon the rocks that form a natural sandstone chess board you’ll notice the locals have aptly chosen names for every one of their favorite natural sculpts that add distinction to magnificence.

Some of the prominent red rock formations in west Sedona include “Thunder Mountain”, “Coffee Pot Rock”, “Chimney Rock”, and of course the quartet wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “Cathedral Rock”. The latter mentioned “Cathedral Rock” is one of the most photographed sights in Arizona. The rock formation is located in the Coconino National Forest in Yavapai County, about a 1/4 mile west of Arizona Route 179.

Certain things are a must to experience:

    • Pink Jeep Tour – “The Broken Arrow”
    • The Magical “Vortex Tour”
    • Helicopter Ride – Sedona Air Tours
    • Restaurants – The Mariposa, The Hudson, and Cress on the Creek.
    • Near Sedona – Jerome “The Haunted Town”… please don’t miss this town!

No matter what your preference for fun, adventure, and dining… Sedona has the formula to provide a respite from the riggers of everyday life. This is a town and culture that can take you to a magical place that transcends the possibilities most experiences offer.

If you decide to go to Sedona don’t hesitate to contact me before you go at… I promise you one thing… you won’t forget the magic this city provides for any type of budget that can quickly translate into a memory.