Birthday Dinner PAZAZ™ Style!


Over the course of our lives we start with birthdays that are really fun. We can hardly wait for that special day (unless your birthday falls just before or just after Christmas… then your screwed).

Our birthday’s were events! Invitations go out to all our friends… there are balloons, pinatas, pin the tail on the donkey, hide-en-go-seek, capture the flag, and a myriad of other fun activities. We get to see all our friends, there parents, our parents, and siblings, all engaged in an event dedicated to you. What could be better then to be the center of the universe?

The other thing that makes 1-21 so special is that you are excited about getting older. This trumps everything because then you can do more things. Up word mobility into the educational system (hopefully) as you are instructed by past teachers about the up coming grades you are about to embark upon. At 16 you can drive a car, at 17-18 you’re going to college and possibly away from your parents, at 21 you can drink… and then what?

You then get a job after college (for some) for others you’ve been working since you got out of high-school. Then, some get married and have kids etc. The one thing that is constant after the age of 29… you are reminded (by your close friends, and some family members) that you’re getting older.

The birthday then becomes a day of reckoning destined to eventually be hidden from others and swept to the outskirts of your mind (just like tax day… but different). The older you get the more you realize (and are reminded by good friends and family) you can’t do the things you once were able to do.

However, I have a solution for this downgrade in the birthday celebration. First, celebrate for a full month, not just one day. Embrace your journey and reflect on the wonderful things you have experienced and the amazing people you have in your life, both family and friends. Then, for that one special day, have a dinner that honors your past, present, and future.

I’m talking “Go Big or Go Home”! This dinner can be as exotic or simple as you want it to be. It should reflect your persona and honor who you are. You should not be cooking it! If your spouse or best friend can’t cook, then go out to dinner. Drink that special wine, scotch, port, madeira, or other world class beverage (don’t cheap out on this) paired (ideally) with the meal.

Here is a sample menu (without the recipes)… recipes can be acquired when you purchase my PAZAZ™ kitchen tools, for the discerning chef. Just go to

    1. Cauliflower soup with baked apple, cinnamon, and caramelized banana (wine pairings included in cook book I wrote).
    2. Veal Chop with a blue berry ponzu sauce
    3. World Famous PAZAZ™ carrot cake

Bring the substance of your life to light as you enjoy a fantastic dinner with friends and family. You are the architect of your life and so you should create that very special “event” that reflects more than a meal but a statement that will create a very special memory.