Bountiful Harvest and a Recipe – PAZAZ™ Style

Living a “Bountiful” existence includes the many facets of life integrated into a memoir that becomes a “Harvest” developed from dialog and connection forged in the memory bank of our mind.

Family, education, relationships outside the immediate inner circle, business, trips, and extraordinary events weave a tapestry of interesting stories that become the narrative of our lives.

Throughout this amazing journey we seek answers to questions that become riddles to be solved as we follow a path with twists and turns around a corner that reveals beginnings and endings.

The “Bountiful” life is nurtured by love and enriched by relationships that develop like a fine wine into friendships that last a life time. Many of us that read this blog will relate to those that fill our hearts. The joy and engagement within the beautiful nuances that exist between two people forming a shared history creates a bond only completely understood by those two spirits.

Have you ever had friends or family that you haven’t seen in “ages” and when you reconnect it’s like you spoke with them yesterday? That experience is a wonderful gift that catapults that relationship into the inner circle of trust formed years ago by the common memories of events we share.

Hopefully you are blessed to have at least one person in your life that enriches your existence and motivates your passion for living. That is when we can say we live a “Bountiful” life from the “Harvest” of the time spent cultivating those precious few relationships.

Below is a recipe that will surely add a smile to that very special person in your life:

“Peaches and Herbs… Reunited”

Recipe for two

    • 2 Large Organic White Peaches Drizzle EVO onto Peaches (Mark on Grill)
    • 2 Ounces of Goat Cheese Place Peach on PAZAZ™ Baking Mat (inside oven)
    • 2 Sprigs Fresh Organic Dill Inside PAZAZ™ Baking Sheet Pan at 350 degrees (5 Min)
    • 2 Fluid Ounces of Wild Anthos Dill Oil Combine Dill Oil with Vinegar and whisk together.
    • 2 Fluid Ounces of Cranberry/Pear Vinegar Create nest of Lettuce and Goat Cheese to taste.
    • 4 Ounces of Organic Butter lettuce Add Dressing to Lettuce and Goat Cheese with Peaches
    • 1 Sprig Dill Arranged on top. Serve with Garnish of Dill

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