As you look at the hourglass of life, and the sands of time appears to be slipping away… you need to give thanks for the blessings you’ve received. Many of those blessings come after struggle and hardship as you turn to God for divine guidance.

Today I am blessed to look ahead and see the possibilities for the future. But before I delve into that realm of dreams and the execution of the necessary steps to achieve those dreams, I will look to the present.

I have a beautiful daughter, Chelsea. She has taught me so much about life, myself, and the importance of unconditional love. She is growing into a beautiful person both intelligent and loving. I am very proud and blessed to have Chelsea as my daughter. 

Each present we share with friends and family is a gift to share with all those that enter into our spatial consciousness. I take this time to acknowledge how blessed I am to have Nancy in my life. She takes care of me and loves me like no other, which allows me the freedom to concentrate on the finances that gives us the freedom we enjoy.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my dear friends. You know whom you are, the love and caring you give me, and how much that means to me. Each friend that comes into our lives provides an insight into communication and the importance of honor and commitment.

As we get older, those dear friends are the shinning lights focused on the memories we share. Each memory brings laughter and joy as the special bond becomes even stronger. How precious is that to step back to the past while enjoying their company for as long as forever is.

In addition to Nancy we have two little pets that bring a smile to our faces everyday. Grayson and Sassy Girl are our cats. They bring affection and joy into our lives as they scurry around the home, mostly playing, but as they get older their sleep has become a priority.

The simplicity of structure and the beauty of where we live add to this perfect formula. Our home, travel, writing, playing music, riding my bicycle, and not having (for the most part) to be anywhere at any given time adds to our stress free life.

As I ride my bicycle down Tie Creek Road I view the wildflowers I used to drive past in a hurry to enjoy a limited vacation. Then, I was always thinking about getting back to work. Now I stop and literally smell the roses.

The vibrant colors of the wildflowers, the wildlife surrounding us, and the fragrant smell of lupin and honeysuckle penetrate the senses. Add to this the middle earth like experience we enjoy (referring to the mythical place where the Elves live in Lothlorien), and how much it means to both of us.

Being at peace is so very special. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would look to the forest for places to have a fort. Everything was so simple, basic, and nature was a wide open view into exploration and the wonderment of discovery.

I’d  sit, as a kid, and stare at the crystal clear creek as it meandered to places I had yet to discover. I imagined the beauty of waterfalls with deer sipping the nectar before jumping back into the canopy of the forest.

I was blessed to have those simple thoughts because I had parents that wanted me to learn and grow as a person. They were nurturing and guiding lights into how a family should be raised. Their love would radiate to friends and family, bringing a lasting delightful exclamation mark to the music and laughter they shared with others.

Another important blessing is the travel Nancy and I look forward to. Each trip opens up the history and geography books we studied in school. Now we live in the experience of finding out about other cultures. Their historical buildings, battles, discoveries,  languages, music, poetry, and of course food and wine.

We are especially blessed to enjoy other cultures food. Soon we will be taking a trip to Spain and Portugal.  We’ll enjoy cooking classes with recipes we can bring  back to produce for our friends and family.

Then there is flamenco in Malaga, the city where Picasso was born. Driving to Rhonda a city where Orson Wells was buried, then Seville (world class Sherry), and my favorite, vintage Madeira and vintage port from the isle of Madeira and the city of Oporto. Throw in a cruise, train ride, and the unbridled joy of seeing new places for the first time, priceless.

Yes, we should all look at our lives, not to compare but to rejoice in the many memories we have that make each of us unique and truly blessed.





Leaving Las Vegas

a place that lives in your heartThere are many chapters in ones life that make up the context and composition of said life. Part of that is beginnings and endings.

We have people that come into our lives, make an impact and leave by their own circumstances related to moving, moving on, or death. Each person brings a new perspective on life and another lesson we learn about people and more importantly about ourselves. We can grow from this if we look into the heart of the decision process or we can devolve into the insecurities and timeless adages that stiffle our difficult yet necessary cultural evolution.

We have jobs that take us to other circumstances which involve the complicated nuances of housing, family, and friends. Each step along the way provides a learning curve for exploration. Exploration takes place because of devine guidance or the gentle breeze of change that lives in all of us.

Beginnings are the life blood that provides hope that a new environment will bring education, excitment, and peace of mind that we all search for. If not properly anaylized our “new” beginnings can become a quagmire of hopelessnes and despair.

However, the opposite side of the coin is the bright light of beauty and wonder at the amazing journey we have undertook. Any journey begins with the first step. To ensure a better place filled with the expectation that dreams will come true and reward us we must painstakingly survey our future goals.

As we begin this study of self and take a look into the future for the outcome we desire, a list must be written that conveys the aspiration of time frame and execution. This survey of the future depends largely on our health, timing, and monetary consideration.

Each step is calculated with the help of past experiences and the knowledge that comes with discovery, mentorship, and design. I never thought we’d leave Las Vegas in the time frame we did. However, the political climate and the obvious “Californiazation” of Nevada that once held its own as a conservative respite from the “Left Coast” was a major factor in the decision to move to Idaho.

Nancy and I lived in Las Vegas/Henderson area for twenty years. Along the way we witnessed the city grow into a world-class destination for travelers interested in food, entertainment, and sports. New casinos with beautiful design matched the quality of the celebrity chefs preparing exotic dishes. Then there was the entertainment from Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, and of course Cirque du Soleil to every other amazing musical talent to grace the stages of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has become a self absorbed caricture of itself. Throngs of people that can’t afford the experience lose themselves in the marketing phrase, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” No identity theft here… most lose their identy upon entering the city. The selfi becomes the picture framed in a moment in time harboring no love for manners or self respect. The millennial is a statement unto itself of social networking at the expense of those sharing the same space and time.

So for us the ending of our time in Las Vegas/Henderson brings a bright new light that shines on a state we love. Idaho is what California used to be. Not what you have, but who you are. How hard you work, not how you’ve figured out how to get on the government dole or cheat a restaurant based upon the fear said restaurant has of your Yelp review.

People in Idaho love the connection to each other. They love the open spaces that gives one a chance to breath in the beauty that surrounds them. Leaving Idaho is like going to another country. You won’t see the obsession with cell phones and you certainly won’t see the prohibitive taxes for trains you don’t need, and social programs you don’t want. Each individual has a choice that is honored for themselves and their family to be raised in a place that centers around God, Country, and the Nuclear family.

And so here we are in the middle of nowhere content in our surroundings. We  listen to the animals, the birds, insects, and reptiles as they communicate to each other in a dance that is timeless. We see the stars in a darkened sky light up the forest that is the perimeter around our home. We feel the tranquility as a soothing warmth that covers us in the blanket of perception that we have found our most perfect place in time.


Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Pan, Steel Mesh Cooling Rack, and Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat
Regular price $36.99

Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan
(18″ x 13″ x 1″)

The Pazaz TM Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan is like no other. The High Gauge Aluminum offers the strength to endure temperatures up to 600 degrees and the size to fit perfectly into your oven. Pazaz TM is a baking sheet pan for the discerning chef.

Reinforced “High Grade” Aluminum
Rated up to 600 Degrees
Fits Perfectly into Standard Oven
Ideal for Culinary Baking from Sweet to Savory
Easy Clean, Dishwasher Safe but Hand Washing is Recommended
Custom Made for the Discerning Chef

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat
(15.75″ x 11.75″)

Chef Quality Custom Made Silicone Baking Mat (Red), Non-Stick FDA Approved Silicone.  The Pazaz TM Professional Grade Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat (Thick, Medium Size) can be used for Liners for Cookie or Baking Sheet Pans, Bread Making, Cookies, Pastry, Savory Dishes, Appetizers, and much more.  Fits perfect in our custom made Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan.

Wipes Clean, Dishwasher Safe
Tested by Chefs to Temperatures of Minus 45 Degrees below Zero
Tested by Chefs to Temperatures of 500 Degrees
Consistent Heat Distribution
No oils, sprays, or butter required to Prevent Sticking
Sweet or Savory this Product is Amazing!
Fits Perfectly inside our Custom Made Cookie Sheet

Steel Mesh Cooling Rack
(16.5″ x 11.5″)

This Custom Made Pazaz TM Steel Mesh Cooling Rack lives beyond expectations as it integrates circulation technology with the latest in Oven tested dynamics.

Custom Made Steel Mesh Cooling Rack for Savory or Sweet Kitchen Creations
Integrates Circulation Technology with the Latest in Oven Tested Dynamics
All Broiler or Oven Prepared Food can be placed on this Safe Surface
Strong Chrome Mesh Will Not bend, sag, or warp
Broiler or Oven, this Rack can be used for the Perfect Symmetrical Stand
Oven Safe to 725 Degrees
Dishwasher Safe
Customer Reviews
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Excellent Kitchen Products

Bill Hall on Nov 27, 2018

I must say, when I received the baking items from Pazaz, I was initially very impressed by the packaging, the personalization, the recipe book but….most impressive was the quality of the products …..Outstanding . If you want the good stuff… Pazaz has it

Great Kitchen Products

Mike Cleland on Nov 27, 2018

From the initial unboxing, this was a delight. Heavy gauge pan that is exactly the right size. Well made, high quality materials. The silicone mat seems to cook better than my old one. It will definitely last longer. Happy with the purchase, but even happier with the results in the kitchen.

Included cook book has good suggested recipes.

Can easily recommend Pazaz products.

We Love PAZAZ!!!

John Greene on Nov 27, 2018

Product arrived sooner than expected. Packaging was impeccable. Each item was individually wrapped and included information cards which describes how to use each product. The logo “Pazaz” is engraved on each piece which is a great addition to high quality cookware. The recipe book is a nice touch that compliments the whole package. I look forward to additional quality products from Pazaz!

More than what I expected

Kristal Snowmen on Nov 27, 2018

I love this bundle! I was very impressed when I opened the box, everything was individually wrapped and secured with a bow. It arrived packaged in such a way that it could easily be sent as a gift. It is as advertised, the baking pan, cooling rack and baking mat are all heavy duty, top quality and will last for years. I love the sellers attention to detail by adding a cookbook…. nice touch! I will be ordering more of these!

Amazing Products!!!

Jay Cuccia on Nov 27, 2018

First off, the packaging, printed inserts and special cookbook were top notch and high quality, and delivery was prompt.
I actually have a professional background in baking. In my high school days I worked part time making donuts and as a college student I was actually in the bakers union working part-time. First off, the aluminum pan is thick, heavy gauge aluminum just like the pros use, except it’s sized to use at home. Therefore, heat distribution is very even. If you’ve ever made cookies where the ones in the back are over-browned (or burnt) and the ones in the front are not cooked enough, then you’ll be pleased to know that does not happen with this gauge of pan. In addition, the silicone mat was quite impressive in performance.