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The term “Perception Management” has firmly entered the public lexicon. The Department of Defense even defines Perception Management in one of its manuals, so the military folks obviously take it very seriously. Many public relations firms now offer Perception Management, or “PM”, as one of their services.

PMs are not spin doctors because they don’t spin facts. They create facts and then sell them to the world as the truth. And that, to quote the venerable Mark Twain (who would’ve had a field day with the PM guys) is the difference between the lightening bug and lightening.

A major untruth can be established so quickly and overwhelmingly across the world that no digging by anyone after the fact can make a dent in the public consciousness that it actually isn’t true at all.

And that’s precisely what makes it so dangerous.

When I was a kid the first “PM” I could pin point was the “Warren Commission”. It concluded that President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and that Oswald acted entirely alone. It also concluded that Jack Ruby acted alone when he killed Oswald two days later.

Mark Lane’s book “Rush to Judgment” and Jay Epsteins book “Inquest” highlighted some of the weaknesses of the Warren Commission. One of the members on that commission was Alan Dulles. If you wan’t to know about one of the most unscrupulous men in the history of the United States just read “The Devils Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government” by David Talbot.

O’Reilly’s book “Killing Kennedy”, or “Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why” are two other books to read regarding the facts that were never disseminated to the public. Most people recognize that the CIA was behind the killing of Kennedy. If you add up all the descrepancies the conclussion can only be that there was a cover up for political and secret government reasons to deceive the American People.

Why is it that the entire family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are unanimous on one key point: James Earl Ray did not kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The pervasive surveillance and malicious disinformation campaign and open denunciations by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover laid the groundwork for their belief that he was the target of a plot.

In 1999 Coretta Scott King (Dr. King’s wife) filed a civil suit  to force more information into the public eye. A Memphis jury ruled that the local, state, and federal governments were liable for King’s death. The full transcript of the trial remains posted on the King Center’s website.

Even though these world changing events were swallowed hook, line, and sinker the world still seems to want to believe the very institutions that have deceived them in the past.

Now the present: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, head of the Corona Investigation Committee states his findings available on YouTube: The Covid-19 pandemic was planned, the virus man-made, with the aim to funnel people towards taking an experimental and potentially deadly vaccine. Dr. Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer licensed to practice in Germany and California with 27 years of practice who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank on behalf of the public.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich published a report after studying the Covid-19 pandemic for over a year. He studied the origins, the restrictions in place, and the vaccine rollout. His worldwide network of lawyers under the Corona Investigation Committee has listened to hundreds of experts from every field of science. They have collected what is undeniable evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. According to Dr. Fuellmich, a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.

The summary of the committee’s findings may be shocking to the majority of people around the world who follow the government and media narrative on the pandemic. Not surprisingly, given Dr. Fuellmich’s high profile and the work he is doing, efforts have been made to discredit him and claim he is a conspiracy theorist, as has happened with many other proffessionals attempting to expose the fraud.

The narrative has never been about health.

The point as it relates to this blog is to shine a light on Perception Management.  The ability to falsify every aspect of a narrative for the benefit of the few that profit from the deception should be unveiled to the public to ultimately reveal the truth.

My next blog will itemize the startling research/investigation that has led to the unveiling of the disturbing truth behind Covid-19.






Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

This blog will be considered by some to be very controversial. For those of you that believe that social distancing, masks, and mandates by governors is anything but a way to see how far the government can control us… stop reading now. This Covid-19 epidemic statistically is no more deadly than the flu but because of the end game (the vaccination) our media and government have been complicit in orchestrating this global pandemic… follow the money! More about the vaccine in another blog… First things first…

What you are about to read is a ‘Reader’s Digest’ version of a video that was sent to me a couple of days ago. I feel obligated to share this information as it will help you better understand one facet of this complicated pandemic ruse.

David E. Martin is the founder of a company called Linguistic (relating to language) Genomics (the branch of molecular biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes). Mr. Martin’s company is the first platform that analyzes the intent of communication rather than the literal artifact of communication. This application has been used in other technological applications related to defense, intelligence and finance.

In the early 2000’s Linguistic Genomics was responsible for taking down the largest tax fraud in US history. LG maintains a series of inquires into every individual, every organization, and every company that is also involved in anything that either blurs the line of biological or chemical weapons or crosses that line in any of 168 countries.

In 1999 there were a million patents that were digitized by IBM. This was the first time that human innovation had been put into an electronic digital searchable format. LG made the disturbing assessment that one third of all patents executed in the United States were functional forgeries. Meaning that while they had linguistic variations they actually covered the same subject matter.

In 1999 patents on Corona Virus started showing up… and thus began the rabbit trail.

In 2003 the CDC (Center for Disease Control) saw the possibility of a gold strike and that was the Corona outbreak that happened in Asia. They saw a virus that could easily be manipulated and was something that could be very valuable. In 2003 they applied for the patent on the Corona virus to make sure they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease (Patent #7279327) the virus(Patent #7220852) its detection and all measurement of it (Patent # 7776521).

We now know through this investigative piece that Anthony Fauci (Director of NIAID) which oversees the diagnoses and treatment of infectious diseases, and was/is the advisor to six presidents and Ralph Baric with the Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina are at the hub of this story.

From 2003 to 2018 they controlled 100% of the cash flow that built the empire around the industrial complex of the Corona virus. While we know the Corona virus manipulation started with Dr. Ralph Baric in 1999 (Ralph Baric is the researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) whose famous for his turmeric virus research.

In 2002 there was a recognition that the Corona virus was seen as an exploitable mechanism for both good and bad. On April 25th 2003 the CDC filed a patent on the Corona virus transmitted to humans. Under 35 US code section 101 nature is prohibited from being patented. Either Sars/Corona virus was manufactured therefore making a patent legal or it was natural therefor making a patent on it illegal.

If it was manufactured it was a violation of biological and chemical weapon treaties law. If it was natural, filing a patent on it was illegal. In either outcome both are illegal. In the spring of 2007 the CDC filed a petition with the patent office to keep their application confidential and private. They actually filed a patent on the virus, its detection, and a kit to measure it. Because of that CDC patent they had the ability to control who was authorized and who was not authorized to make independent inquires into Corona virus. You can not look at the virus, you can not measure it, you can not develop a test kit for it. By ultimately receiving the patents for anyone using it they had the means, the motive, and most of all the monetary gain from turning Corona virus from a pathogen to profit.

And so somewhere between 2012 and 2013 something happened. The federal funding for research that was feeding into places like Harvard, Emery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, suddenly became impaired by something that happened at the NIH (National Institute of Health). The NIH got this little tiny moment of clarity, “I think something we’re doing is wrong”.

In 2013 the NIH said that data function research on the Corona virus should be suspended. The National Institute of Health had a moral, legal, and social reason to object to the research. However, the letters that were sent to the researchers essentially said, “You’re receiving notice that we’re telling you to stop.” However at the bottom of the page of that letter it said as this grant is currently funded your stopping this research is “voluntary”. Basically… keep going.

But when the heat gets hot in 2014 and 2015 what do you do? You offshore the research. You fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do the stuff that sounds like it’s getting a little edgy with respect to its morality and legality. Do you do it the straight way… no. You run the money through a series of cover organizations to make it look like your funding a US operation which sends sub contracts to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The US can say China did it and China can say the US did it. And the great thing is… they’re both almost telling the truth.


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Please Give to Those that Need our Help

Normally I take this time to weave into my blog something about PAZAZ ™ kitchen products. However, as we witness the devastation from wildfires, gunfire, and the growing divide between Americans we should step back and listen.

Listen to your heart as you offer a hand to help those less fortunate. Listen to your heart because you know that giving is the greatest gift this holiday season. Listen to your heart by offering encouragement through random acts of kindness. This will elevate your spirit while we are bombarded with the constant negative news loop everyday.

There is no country that gives more to others then Americans. We are the benchmark for philanthropy through-out the world and this spirit is on full display when there are hardships endured by others. As I write this blog I have never seen anything like the fires that have spread through-out California.

I grew up in California. Witnessing the fires that have displaced thousands from Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and Paradise is something that can only be described as cataclysmic. This is the time Americans need to stand up, put our differences aside, and be counted on to help those people that have lost everything.

Having grown up in Northern California and attended Chico State University, I am quite familiar with Paradise California. Located in Butte County in the Sierra Nevada Foothills above the northeastern Sacramento Valley I have spent time in that beautiful town which holds many fond memories.

I can’t believe the whole town is gone. Take time this Holiday Season to reflect on the things that are truly important so that we can become better for all those that need our spirit to lift them from the sadness that comes with loss.

Here are a few of the Organizations to donate to:

The Red Cross (specify where you want your funds to go)

The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund

The United Way

The Humane Society in the town you wish to donate to

Baby2Baby (works to get items needed for children affected by the fires in California)

Direct Relief (provides resources to healthcare agencies and first responders)

Humanity is the human race. We can raise the social aspect of humanity by giving and caring for those who need our assistance. By doing so we just made our community a better place to live.