Design through the Portal of Life

What Is Our ‘Sell-By’ Date?

Looking at the conceptual continuity of angles, colors, and spatial consciousness we delve into the realm of articulating real world awareness. This awareness comes in many forms.

One form is the design of our living space to enhance comfort and help eliminate stress . Another form is the relationship with those around us and the strangers we meet on a daily basis. So many variations on this theme, one can visualize focusing on life’s strategy through the magnifying glass of possibility.

The symmetry of design reflects a non-cluttered environment with colors that build a foundation of aesthetic beauty. This approach is pleasing to the senses, especially sight. Each color can omit an emotional response that excites, soothes, or reflects an underlying passion of expression.

Angles are also pleasing to the eye and perform as a magnet to our unconscious desire. This desire is the curiosity that completes the circle of appreciation for architecture and the questioning of the inspiring skill and message it conveys.

A pyramid in Egypt or the pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre. The uniformity of design that frames the cables of a  suspension bridge, or the strands of strings on a harp. Each man made design can be attributed to the beauty that nature inspires.

The wings of a bird are aerodynamically connected with the quality that moves them through the air.  The ability to seemingly float forever on the breath of the wind is captivating.  They glide across a vista which has created the inspiration for man wanting to experience that motion and affect.

Each design motivated by nature is a persuasion of admiration for the uniformity built upon its affect.

The portal of life is a structure built on these life’s experiences. This involvement in analytics includes but are not limited to education, travel, interaction with others, and the wisdom gained from our victories and our failures. The design of our life takes vision, confidence, the ability to listen to those with the knowledge we desire, and the action required to fulfil our destiny.

When I look to the stars I see the pattern of light illuminating the sky with a deep dark background that makes them even more impressive. This portal of mystery has intrigued man from the beginning of time. Anytime there is an enigma we attempt to discover the secrets beyond our vision of understanding.

Gazing through the portal of life we begin to understand a very small portion of the puzzle to explain that which lies before us. Each piece of the puzzle is but a small thread of the DNA that we can comprehend. Every bit of understanding opens another door of questions which stretches our ability to put the puzzle into a framework we can fathom.

Is there a God? Are we the only planet with living organisms that can process thought? Is time travel possible? Have we been visited by extraterrestrials and if so what was there goal to come to earth? What is our family lineage from the beginning of time? And a thousand other questions that we don’t even know what to ask.

If our design through the portal of life is a simple one, then the choices we’ve made add to this point may place us upon the threshold of a dream. Each dream we live in becomes a line of embarkation or an immersion into the plan we love. Our age can diminish our perspective or it can enhance our need to discover. Which ever it is the greatest distance we will travel is the six inches between our ears.

In the world we live in our past becomes a stepping stone for the future. Living in the moment becomes our appreciation for every minute, second, hour we can still take a breath. That consciousness gives us the peace of mind required to envision our future, craft our life, and begin a new chapter. Why? Because life is about beginnings and endings.

Roads Traveled and Yet to be Traveled

What Is Our ‘Sell-By’ Date?

Each step from the moment we can walk, to the time we can choose, provides us with interesting choices. Each decision in regards to which road to take sends us in a direction based upon instinct, knowledge and trust.

Many times there is a fork in the road that looks like either direction would be adventageous to our needs, wants, or desires. Upon closer view the two choices (if we’ve narrowed it down to just two) need a level of scrutiny that requires wisdom we may not possess.

The relationships we have nurtured over the course of our life may pay dividens ten fold when asked to help in a difficult decision regarding the road we must choose. This is when trust becomes the key component. To respect and trust a decision offered by another brings them into a place we all try to avoid, vulnerability.

In some cases the task to listen and act upon another’s suggestion is the most difficult part of life’s test. Perhaps we think another can look from a place we have not thought of, or a view we can not see, because we are too close to the problem to solve.

I have found that the solution lies within ourselves. When we rely on others it often becomes more judgement than advice. In most instances this is because their experiences don’t line up with what got us to this point to begin with. Then we are even more confused. Deep down we know which direction will have a greater possibility for success.

Life is a contact sport. Too whom much is given, much is required. If you have the education and support system then the road will not be fraught with as many obstacles. However, if there are hurdles along the way, we must circumvent their presence. We will gain inner strenght from experience given to us through disappointment and failure.

The greatest teacher in life is learning from our mistakes. The road’s obstacles become simple bumps rather than barriers. Widsom through life is gained with relationships that include family, friends, and our ability to know what is right and wrong. In addition to all that, wisdom is achieved through experience. The more you experience different races, creeds, situations that stretch your capacity, either physical or mental, the roadblocks will disappear to reveal your destiny.

Our destiny changes through-out life. First is knowledge acquired through school, then life. Second are relationships that may be personal or professional. Third is the career choice that affords you economic opportunity. If you’ve worked hard to build your educational resume then your choices grow exponentially.

The road you choose for your career has to be analyzed to determine the economic upside. The reason is quite simple: If you choose a menial job then your money is limited. However, if you select a road that relies on your educational achievments or your God given talents then the upside can be as far as you want to take it.

Money is quite simply a tool. Energy either flows to you or away from you… that’s why they call money, currency. To have money come to you as residual income produced beyond your time and effort does one thing. It buys your time back so that you can enjoy life while others trade time for money.

Educating yourself regarding the stock market, real estate, currency options, or any other investment in which you let your money work for you beyond your time and effort should be your goal.

The important things in life are the times we spend with family, friends, and of travel, to learn about things we’ve only read about. At the end of your life I don’t think you’ll say, “I wish I worked more.”