The weather, the journey, the perspective… all changing. It’s easy to understand the changing weather. Although if you are politically motivated I guess you can orchestrate a reason for climate change or the argument that our climate is based upon many factors beyond human intervention.

In the restaurant business there were a thousand reasons why we were busy and an equal number of reasons why we weren’t busy. That logic is the basis for most discussions. It’s easy to build a case arguing one side or another when your whole premise for your reality is based upon emotion and not logic.

The journey through-out life is an education that affects our connection with people, the environment, and the ever changing circumstances that inspire our state of affairs.

The books we read and the people we associate with help create a direction that becomes more unwavering as we get older.  I was thinking today about life when I was younger and how I see many things differently.

Now I’m beginning to understand the phrase, “Why is youth wasted on the young?” However, I believe that if you never lose the child within you the change that becomes a part of whom you are is less noticeable and more open to new perspectives.

Each transition in life is fraught with positive and negative events. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it. They never made a seminar for worrying, but isn’t that human nature? As logical as we try to be, there is an edge that is exposed when negative events happen in our lives. It changes us!

We learn more from negative events then we do from positive ones. The change we feel when attempting to navigate a death, a job loss, a financial setback, a move to another place, or our interaction with another… changes our disposition and becomes a footnote in our ever changing journey.

We look back and attempt to gauge where we went astray. But if you’re on the right path you look forward to looking back to see how far you’ve come. Keeping a positive frame of mind in this ever changing world is an exercise in mental gymnastics. As we get older we see the sand of time sifting through our fingers. Wasted time that we can’t get back helps us look from the past to the future with a new perspective.

Each moment is an important statement about,” How short life is.” Learning to keep your mind active with new academic challenges, or traveling to places you’ve never been, is truly the life blood of discovery. Not only the discovery of new information or places, but the discovery of your own DNA that gravitates you towards happiness.

When I was young I loved loud music. It never was too loud and it never was too far to go to enjoy a live event. Now, the music must be softer and the distance to travel to an event must be within a three hour drive, or a two hour flight.

Now, cost is not as much a factor but other stimuli determine the final outcome. Good lodging with a view of some sort of water or a city sky line is mandatory as are excellent restaurants and world class beverages.

When I was young I could sleep on a floor or dirt surrounded by wild animals or people I’d never met. Now it’s just Nancy and I, no convicted felons, no strange wild animals, and camping is staying in a hotel without room service.

The ever changing life is a connection with those things that create the happiness we all desire. An evolutionary tale of learning about yourself, the world, and those magical moments that help create the memories, so very special to the quality of life we all strive for.