Christmas is coming and so is Saint Nick!

Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes a bevy of tasks for Saint Nick, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa if you prefer. Santa is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well behaved children on the night of Christmas Eve or during the early morning hours of Christmas Day.

As a young boy growing up I loved the idea of a mythical character climbing down a chimney with a bag full of toys knowing exactly what every boy and girl wanted as gifts for Christmas. It was so perfect that any thought it wasn’t real never entered my mind. The beauty of this concept was that it was so simple, so pure, so childlike. This was the perfect compliment to Christmas trees, candy, and the magic of giving to others that it seemed its very essence was to capture the best part of childhood. Then it would expand this idea with a magical reference to the north pole, reindeer, fairies, and somehow build up to the perfect gift on Christmas.

The Christmas Season would always begin after Thanksgiving honoring each holiday within a framework of traditions that became a part of our family life and the very culture of our town, state, and country. Each holiday would build upon the ideas of the past bringing new toys, trends, and technology into our adopted traditions. New lights would sparkle there way onto our homes and businesses always captivating our hearts with the message that Christmas was not far off.

All of us remember that one Christmas that brought the perfect gift delivered by Santa surrounded by all the ornaments and costumes highlighting that magical day. The food, the system in which gifts were given out, the saving of the paper for next year, the guessing what gifts were under the tree, and the surprise of it all wrapped around the love for each other.

And then there was Christmas… all night barely being able to sleep… listening for Santa and the reindeer but instead drifting into a dream of Santa, elves, reindeer, and the enchanting gift of the experience. The next morning awakening to a gift perfectly placed by Santa bringing the smile we pray we never lose, which is the child within.

To honor that experience I would say that unlike the very young boy I was I now thrive on giving to others that smile which is symbolic of what this season represents. Christmas in essence to me is the culmination of everything that is good wrapped up into whats important in life…. Our families, our love for others represented through random acts of kindness, and the hope that next year will bring humanity closer together.

Today I see that the presents are not what’s important… its the message on the card relayed from the heart to connect the spirit to bring the best of whom we are to life.

Merry Christmas to all and to all I wish you the blessings of a wonderful future filled with all the possibilities you deserve.