Christmas Lights, Cards, and Presents… PAZAZ™ Style!

Driving around the neighborhood I see more Christmas lights and decorations than ever before. Our neighborhood seems to be a reflection of the relief one finds in something from the past. It’s easy to smile when bright colors, angles, Santa, reindeer, sleighs, and Christmas trees beckon us to a time when everything seemed to be simpler. What we saw was what we got and it was as simple as that.

As we get older we tend to appreciate that which is not seen… which is tomorrow. Sometimes during reflective moments exacerbated by sadness we look to the past for the times we spent with those no longer with us. Life is a precious gift that reminds us that our health is the most important thing. Our health means we can still put up Christmas lights around the home, go on vacations, and relax. This, with the knowledge that our hard work has led us to a much deserved respite from the crowded landscape called humanity. But the best part of this holiday season is giving to others.

The gift of giving is in full swing. Although presents are under our trees and Christmas music fills our hearts with the joy of looking forward to looking back to see how far we’ve come… it’s really the Christmas card that communicates both the joy of connection and the unbridled emotion of letting those we love know how much they mean to us. There is no greater feeling than to express the importance of ones affection for others. It reminds us how blessed we are to have those very special moments with friends and family that have defined those relationships.

I remember my dad going off to Christmas parties to serenade those very lucky people that had hired him to play his violin. When my dad retired he continued to bring the joy of this beautiful season to others. His “business” card stated that he was a “strolling” violinist. He would dress up with a Christmas vest adorned with the colors of the season accompanied with his top hat and scarf. This wonderful man brought so much joy through his expressions of emotion he infused into every song. I can still see him sway to the music as his fingers danced across the fingerboard. His smile was infectious, lighting up the room, as applause could be heard echoing through-out the party.

“Holiday Joy” by James M Vines

Watching children smile and laugh.

Seeing mothers cry at the relief for another year past.

Watching family join hands in prayer.

Telling those you love that you still care.

Holding on to traditions passed down through the years.

Starting new ones with new family and friends.

All in thanks giving we share, holiday joy

with each other, and let the world know

that love is still there.

I would trade all the presents I’ve ever received for just one more Christmas with my mom, dad, and the too many friends I have lost along the way.

The real gift during this very special season is the moments in time we reflect upon that bring those relationships to life.