Christmas Recipe and PAZAZ™ gift Ideas

We are closer to Christmas than one would consider. With Thanksgiving within a weeks time we enter the holiday gauntlet of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve. Since most items have been purchased (God willing and the creek don’t rise) for Thanksgiving dinner we now enter the planning stage for Christmas dinner. Planning ahead is the key to ease the stress that comes with the last minute everything consistent with the mind set reflected in our memory banks during this time of year.

Our typical family dinner began on Christmas Eve. This signified the very special opening of the presents followed by Christmas day which was the unveiling of the very special gift I’d been waiting for months to enjoy. Our Christmas Eve dinner was anything but typical.

Christmas Eve dinner consisted of onion soup and a wonderful bay shrimp salad made with my favorite hand crafted thousand island dressing. My mom made the best thousand island dressing consisting of just the right amount of ketchup, mayonnaise, and relish. This simple meal always makes me think of what was to follow which was the opening of our presents around the fireplace next to the Christmas tree.

Honestly the Christmas season was about so many very special emotions I now reflect upon with great warmth and sensitivity. First there was the easing of academic homework, tests, and of course the vacation time. Secondly, there was the searching for gifts and cards that reflected the very special connection with those you were purchasing gifts for. Third, and the most important was the wonderful heart-felt relationships connecting the best part of family and friends. All of this pointing towards the second most important dinner of the year after Thanksgiving, the Christmas dinner.

I’ll be honest, Christmas dinner was the one time a year we enjoyed prime rib. This was a very special treat that we appreciated and realized how blessed we were. The following recipe now should only be executed with the finest of culinary tools, i.e, the complete set of PAZAZ™ kitchen tools (Heavy Duty Aluminum Sheet Pan, the Silicone Baking Mat, and the Steel Mesh Heating and Cooling Rack) for the discerning chef. Before we start the recipe portion of this blog please go to to purchase these culinary tools for either the Christmas dinner or a very special gift to those you love and care about.

First, what is Prime Rib?

Prime Rib claims center stage during the holiday season for a very good reason. It is the King of beef cuts. A bone-in Prime Rib Roast is rich in flavor, juicy, and tender. It is a cut of beef from the primal rib, one of the nine primal cuts of beef. This Prime Rib will consist of anywhere from two to seven ribs.

Now the Prime Rib recipe:

This recipe is designed to achieve that inner smile only validated by the perfect execution with the proper culinary tools (PAZAZ™).

Start with the oven at a very height temperature to achieve excellent browning on the outside of the roast . Rub sea salt and pepper into the Ribs to accentuate the flavor profile. Place Prime Rib in oven on top of the PAZAZ™ Sheet pan, Silicone baking mat, and resting on the Steel Mesh Heating and Cooling Rack… starting at 500 degrees for 15 minutes or until the desired browning on the outside has occurred.

Prime Rib is best served rare pluse to medium rare. Any other temperature above that and you should be eating pot roast, hamburgers, or hot dogs…. with chips and a Bud Light. For a rare roast the temperature should be 115 degrees, Medium rare 120 degrees, and medium 130 degrees.

A 10lb roast at 350 degrees should take between 25 to 30 minutes per pound. So between 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours plus another 20 minutes to rest the meat to achieve the perfect juicy meat profile.

The juice and meat by products should be crafted into a wonderful gravy over hand whipped Yukon gold mash potatoes. Then add your favorite side dishes such as green beans with bacon, yams, mac and cheese and a beautiful Waldorf salad. This will satisfy your hunger, provide instant gratification, and become a meal you will not forget because of the wonderful opportunity for left overs.

A rich bold wine should be paired with this holiday meal, a recent discovery of mine, an Idaho winery voted the best in the Pacific North West (Clear Water Canyon Winery). Try the malbec for a very satisfying and palate pleasing alternative to the cabernets from the Napa Valley you usually reach for.

Enjoy this holiday meal while living in the moment reflecting upon the very special gifts we are blessed to enjoy with family and friends.