Cooking, Music, and Poetry… PAZAZ™ Style!

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In the tumultuous reality we create, the curtain rises revealing our needs wants and desires. Within this fabric of complex twists and turns our instincts gravitate towards that which stimulates our talents. These interests are accentuated by what we do well and how others respond to the gifts we are blessed with.

To take advantage of our gifts we have to work hard. Without the hard work that goes into creating the recipe that will add interest and value to our talents we only have a whisper of what pleasure we could ultimately achieve. Learning through practice and dedication we can hone the skills that will serve us well.

The skills I speak of initially focus on our job. However, beyond the job the things that stimulate our “Right Brain” are the big picture, free thinking intuitive and creative nuances. I find that cooking, music, and poetry are the trifecta of creativity that enhances the experiences I wish to create.

In my job revolving around hospitality I was able to absorb the techniques from both chef mentors and managers that added value to the guests dining experience. Many years of training and teaching both administered by the restaurants I worked in or the knowledge I pursued emboldened me to paint a verbal picture. Communicating the essence of the food, wine, and liquor available at that time in that place gave the patron a wide angle view of the experience they were looking for.

Each restaurant had a different cast of characters, different menu items, and different wine and liquor menus that expanded my horizons. This “expansion” has led to my ability to take the most interesting pairings of food and wine and use those tools to entertain the people I love and care about.

Starting with the ingredients in any food, wine, or liquor endeavor is paramount to success. When cooking we must use organic, farm raised, wild caught, free range, or any other synonym to describe food sourced quality. After pursuing the ingredients necessary to assemble the menu you so desire the combination of flavors properly constructed will help you achieve the desired outcome.

This outcome begins with the aperitif (to stimulate the appetite), the food, then the wine to be paired with said food. If the pairing is properly administered then the food will taste better and the accompanying wine will also reach another level of flavor.  All of this is orchestrated by the chef, sommelier, and the server. In this case (with a little knowledge and on your home turf) its one person, you.

Integrated into this can be another level of communication. Music sets the tone from aperitif to dessert (classical, jazz, or whatever your heart desires). Of course this is based upon reading your audience  and the mood you wish to create.

Baking, grilling, poaching, sauteing, or even sous vide style preperation will be more successful when you use the best kitchen tools available. My PAZAZ™ products gives you a greater vehicle for success as you realize consistent temperature radiated through the highest quality baking tools available on the market today.  This equates to music being produced by a Bang & Olufsen stereo system or poetry read from the book penned by Pablo Neruda (100 Love Sonnets).

As with anything in life when you reach for the stars those around you realize your commitment to quality. Embarking on a journey of discovery with a basis of knowledge makes the hobbies and intellectual pursuits a lightning rod for the happiness we aspire to. Writing poetry, playing the music yourself, and engaging the guests we entertain is another level of hospitality that makes our inner smile a beacon for the life we dream to live.

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