Easter Is A Very Special Holiday

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead as described in the New Testament three days after his burial. Easter is a joyous holiday seen as the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament and the revelation of God’s redemption plan for all humankind.

Perhaps as we reflect on these trying times we can give thanks for our family, those inside the “circle of trust”, and all those people we pray for which are not blessed with the gifts bestowed upon us.

I remember quite fondly the days when I was much shorter. My mom and dad would make up Easter Baskets filled with all kinds of delicious candies (many only available at Easter) and then hide them through-out our home and even in the yard. This was the pre-curser to the Easter egg hunt.

Just the sight of chocolate easter bunnies to this day catapults me back to those days in which spring is unveiled and the beginning of summer is around the corner. This of course meant that the school year was almost over and I could experience recess for even longer periods of time with no bell to disrupt my greatest contribution to the school day…unfettered daydreaming.

As I grew a little taller my mom showed me how to color Easter eggs. This was so much fun as there were no lines to temper my artistic expression and no color chart to use as a guide. This was pop art at its best. We would dip the eggs into food coloring creating a collage of color easily executed and never replicated.

The school I was blessed to attend was Deer Park Elementary School located in Fairfax, California. This was a school that elevated holidays into the most joyous experience any school child could imagine. First, there was the coloring of the Easter bunnies and other symbols of spring either pasted together or created from some toxic material probably banned today in our PC world.

The next step as we progressed from 1st grade to 2nd grade was (at Easter time) the “egg toss”. This consisted of two students practicing “social distancing” 20 feet apart. Then we would toss the egg to the opponent and hopefully said opponent would catch the egg and then reciprocate with an arched throw into my out stretched hands. Typically one or both of us would end of with egg on our face.

Through-out the years Easter would become as much about religion as it was about the family. My mom would prepare wonderful dinners with ham, scallop potatoes, green beans with bacon, jello salad, and the coup de gras… apple pie with vanilla ice cream. This very special holiday would bring together my grandmother, dad, and mom to enjoy a sit down dinner at the dining room table in which case the best plates, silver wear, and glass wear were on full display.

I miss my family as I’m sure many of you that are reading this miss yours. Lets make it a point this Easter to honor the memories of those we love and care about. With us or not, we can make our revelation one of a renewed commitment to the spirit of what the best part of Easter stands for… love.