Enjoy Life

Every once in a while you deserve to treat yourself to the joy’s that bring a smile to your face. Today we were in Coronado walking along the beach. I don’t know too many places where your inner smile appears and you laugh the laugh that comes from the place of a child.

Certainly the coast is one of those places. The negative ions comfort us as they whisper from the crash of the surf. This whisper is the siren song that captures us with the sound, smell, and limitless view of wave upon wave making its way to the shore.

The waves, the waves, occurring and occurring always threaten to drown me… until I realize that I am the ocean.

Each step across that sandy beach takes us farther away from the rigors of daily life and closer to where we belong, at peace and living in the spirit of creativity. It is in that special inner sanctum that we believe that anything is possible and that what we deserve is unconditional happiness. To live in that moment is a gift, breathing the salty air, delicious, like a caramel treat that melts in your mouth leaving an unctuous memory behind.

The beach offers a story that is complex and yet seems so simple as a sensory experience. The sea gulls glide across the crest of the waves and eventually land on the shore searching for morsels provided by Neptunes limitless bounty. Dotted along the sand are shells, stones, and seaweed. We carefully traverse this display every once in a while spotting a crab scurrying along the froth and into a vanishing sand hole. Driftwood from places beyond our site add mystery to the vastness of the ocean in full display.

Of course its not just about the sea in Coronado to me… it’s also about the spirit that each person feels when they come and build their dream homes. Each home is a representation of the homeowners creativity, beginning with where they came from, where they are, and where they’re legacy will take them. Certainly, Coronado is a very special place with the energy that comes from people that dream big surrounded by the beauty of a magical destination.

In our own way we can create that magic as we plan a vacation that will bring us solitude, enabling the possibilities we deserve, helping us recharge that very special battery that powers our heart. Each step along the way brings us the wisdom to live in the moment, secure in the belief that some how, some way, seemingly random acts collectively make a difference to ourselves and all those we love and care about.

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