Enthusiasm is a Gift that Makes Everything Seem Different

Relationships with anything or anyone begins with a learning curve that expands your horizons. Connections with people, music, books, places, topics of other interest be it spiritual or intellectual expand your parameters of knowledge which helps to create an unusual gift, enthusiasm.

When I was knee high to a grasshopper my enthusiasm lay in the art of discovery. It was the discovery of the simplest of experiences: What does mud smell like? What does water from the creek taste like? What do your feet feel like when you run through the sand at the beach?

As we grow up we use those thousands of sensory references to jump to the next plateaus of discovery.

It was within that framework of discovery that I fell in love with music.

Watching my parents perform for their friends after diner parties was a gift I will never forget. My mom was a concert pianist and my dad an accomplished violinist. They certainly made beautiful music together. I would love the way my mom would smile and accentuate certain chords on the piano as my dad closed his eyes and swayed to the music like the spirit of the wind that rustles the trees effortless and hypnotic.

Their love and enthusiasm for their craft was inspirational every time they began their accent into a musical interlude. This intervening period of time would bring a wave of energy that captivated their friends and brought such joy in its capability to bring musical memories alive.

I remember the first time I fell in love with playing the violin. My mom was helping me with my violin lesson for the week when I played a song that was part of that week’s assignment. It was surreal because I couldn’t believe that I could create such beautiful music. The song was Autumn Leaves and that song launched my love for the violin and the possibility that someday I could affect people like my parents did during those after dinner concerts.

Sometimes a musical beat flows into books with a rhythm that prevents you from putting the book down, the enthusiasm we feel when we glean a message or experience that catapults us into another dimension. A dimension that is so in-tune with that author’s vivid descriptions that we fall into a trance lost in the message be it real or imagined.

These steps of discovery lead to an evolution of ideas enthusiastic and captivating as our friends and family listen to the spark that led to this tale of fact or fiction. In regurgitating this experience we heighten our own enthusiasm because as we come to find out the best part of life is sharing those events with those we love and care about.

Somehow it is in this moment that we share with others that we experience a joy that only comes with giving.

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