Expanding Our Horizons… PAZAZ™ Style!

If there was a place that could take you to a dimension in which everything was perfect (in your mind) what would that look like? Would you be surrounded by friends and family, scholars that could broaden your scope of learning to answer any questions you might have, a chef that could produce any dish you ever dreamed of, a home that looked out to the ocean surrounded by waterfalls, and of course a car that fit your style and comfort perfectly?

Or, is it better and more rewarding to learn things the hard way so that when good things do happen you truly appreciate the hurdles you leapt over to achieve the miracle that is your life? I submit to you that even though it would be more convenient to know ahead of time the variables that draw the picture that is our life we are a species that can thrive within the framework of the unexpected.

Having said that we must have the tools to achieve the life we dream of. We are the books we read and the people we associate with. Outside of that we must be motivated to grow as people to become better and stronger both mentally and physically. The total package includes our health, intellect, and ability to earn the type of living that provides a life that enables us to go where we want with whom we want.

Freedom is a term bandied around very much like hero. However the spectrum of freedom for some is the opposite for others… and that is part of the beauty that is the human race. It probably would be very boring to have everyone alike because as we all know variety is the spice of life.

Here is a poem by Jon Coe

“Expanding Horizons”

Take away the landscape from my mind

Construct an horizon for my blind

Peel down the slats when I unwind

Uncover that picture from behind

Set me a backdrop that will blend

Let my eyes digest what will mend

Divide up the sky from where which end

Allow my spirit to rest at each bend

Paint this scene with tranquil blue

Get the grey out of the slated hue

Carve facets in its linear construe

Watch the light refract and renew

Put another dimension in my sight

Take the people across in my flight

Let me see how I feel with my delight

Walk me through the changes in this light

For some freedom is an expression that means going to the same job every day providing a wonderful comfort zone. For others it is the extreme adventure of different experiences that adds dimension to our personality and lifestyle. For most it is a combination that lies between the mundane and the intrepid spirit.

When we speak to expanding our horizons as chef Dave Adlard who owns Candle in the Woods did for me last week…we have to be open to risk the safety of knowing for the reward of discovery. Our expansive search for beauty, knowledge, and reward must continue into our twilight years. It is then we age like a fine wine that continues to evolve into a gift that is realized because we took the road less traveled without fear or trepidation.