Fall, New York… And Other Stuff

August is the gateway to fall. August is hot with unannounced thunder storms, strangely overcast weather patterns, and your last chance to take a summer vacation. Pile those kids in the car and travel to theme parks, beaches, or any number of state or national parks.

After the kids go back to school and your household returns to “normal” enjoy the most beautiful time of the year… the fall. If you’re lucky enough to be an empty nester then you should travel to the east to see the vast spectrum of color that blankets the whole northeast.

I used to live in the northeast. I came there by way of Florida and was hired for a Food and Beverage position at Bonnie Castle Resort in Alexandria Bay in upstate New York. I lived in a castle (Bonnie Castle) and looked out to Heart Island (shaped like that at the turn of the century for the groom’s bride) with a beautiful castle on it (Bolt Castle). If I hadn’t been working there it would have been perfect!

Located on the St. Lawerence River, Alexandria Bay looks out to some of the most amazing homes in the thousand islands between upstate New York and Canada. The 1,864 islands (during the spring, summer, and fall) back in the day was a colony retreat for the wealthiest Gilded Age industrialists, including President Ulysses S. Grant.

The millionaires bought their own private islands and enjoyed some of the most amazing natural beauty in the United States. The mansions are spectacular and deserve a trip on one of a few ferry boats touring the thousand islands in the summer to early fall. Watching the trees turn from pale yellow to bright red with a backdrop of rivers, mountains and lakes is worth the journey.

Just outside of Syracuse New York is a small town called Cazenovia. Close to Cazenovia New York is the town of Chittenango New York. That is where the famous author Frank Baum (whom wrote “The Wizard of Oz”) lived. He got the idea for the “yellow brick road” from viewing the road that connects his home town, Chittenango, with Cazenovia New York. In the fall the road was covered with yellow leaves and that is where he stretched his creative license to form an iconic picture in a legendary film.

Most people think of New York as simply “New York City”. However, the vast beauty that is the state of New York can not be understated. From Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes (wine country), Hyde Park home of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), New York breathes a passion for life that stretches from Broadway to the Canadian border.

Just one more thing… if you’re thinking of going to New York, go in the Fall. Not only is it the most beautiful time to go but its one of the few times you won’t suffer from the oppressive heat or the freezing cold. Trust me… I know.

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