Fall, PAZAZ™ Style

This season is my favorite. Fall says “good-bye” to summer and ushers in the changing of colors in the north, east, west, and south. The blooming of flowers in hot climates that stood down during the heat of summer aspire to bloom again. And finally there are the wonderful events that open the door to the holiday season.

Bright red and yellow maple trees begin their sojourn into the realm of majestic display. A wave of color sweeps over landscapes of green creating a pastel interlude witnessed and appreciated by all those that are blessed to experience God’s brushstroke on the canvas of life.

Perfect weather for many, the ending of wheat, berry, pear, and other harvests for some, and the beginning of wine grape harvests for vintners. Wine grapes glisten in the sun waiting to be picked at just the right moment revealing the perfect brix content while bringing an explosion of flavors giving rise to the hope of another great vintage.

Farmers that have worked so hard from late winter to late fall bask in the fruits of their labors as others benefit from all the earth provides under the hand of those that put their knowledge and expertise into the bounty of the land they work. This fruitful endeavor by all those that are involved brings the season of “thanks” to the forefront of timeless expression.

Fall is not just the changing of colors on trees, harvests, and weather but much more than that. It is the changing of lifestyle for many. School begins, vacations end, and of course fall is the conductor of sport. The ending of the baseball season, the beginning of football, hockey and basketball engrosses the populace engaging in the hope that their team will be crowned champion. This sports “mania” is the culmination of societal evolution that revolves around where you were born, who your family roots for, or maybe just the color of a uniform.

Whatever fall means for you, enjoy the moment, and live in the experience of the beginning of this joyful season. This season however would not be complete without those wonderful holiday dishes that put the exclamation point on the events we have come to cherish over the course of our lifetime.

I will have recipes for you to enjoy in the upcoming blogs that center around family and friends. Of course these recipes will include the PAZAZ™ products that introduce an amazing quality to produce the perfect holiday expression through the food we like for the people we love.