Farm to Table: Increasing your Restaurant’s Marketing Dynamic… PAZAZ™ Style!

Through-out my career in the restaurant business I have been blessed to be associated with some of the most creative chefs in the world. They have produced culinary gems that create a montage of memories targeting those savvy guests lucky enough to savor the experience.

Cross marketing of farms highlighting dishes on any menu benifits the farm, restaurant, and the supply chain that accessed and delivered that product. The beauty of this strategy is that it forms a bond between the farm and the end user that is literaly priceless. Whenever that brand is seen by the restaurant guest that person will assoicate that product with unparralleled quality.

For 53 years Snake River Farms is just such a business bringing quality American Wagyu Beef to the tables of many fine dining establishments. “The greatest challenge to any company wanting to produce the highest quality beef is the myriad of considerations throughout a long and complicated process, from the breeding to distributing the product out to the consumer and everything in between.

Before 1988 Wagyu bulls were a rarity in America. Vissionary and founder of SRF, Robert Rebholtz Sr. had been in the cattle-feeding and ranching business for twenty years. He saw something others didn’t and began a breeding plan (after a trip to Japan) to focus on a full-scale Wagyu breeding program that now provides 100% of the Snake River Farms beef.

Snake River Farms originated in American Falls Idaho where they first purchased Snake River Cattle Feeders. Eventually they expanded to breeding the Wagyu cattle and now they have an in-house PerforMix Nutrition System that is prepared by their staff creating strict health standards under humane conditions.

Another rare and delicous treat often associated with the pairing of seafood with steak is the Tristen Lobster Tail from the island of Tristan. The six by six mile volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha (the main island in the archipelago bearing the same name) sits in the remote waters of the South Atlantic. This remote island lies equidistant from South Africa and Brazil about 1,500 milles from its nearest neighbor.

All of the Tristen Lobsters are harvested from a small fishery recognized internationally for its sustainability standards. Having said all that this is the best lobster tail in the world. The pearl-white succulent and remarkably sweet flavor needs no butter as it literally just melts in your mouth. Any menu that places the Tristen tail on its menu answers to a higher culinary standard.

Infusing vegetables onto the restaurant menu from a farm like Golden Gate Organics adds to the sophistication and commitment to excellence marketed by the restaurant. The finest ingredients to accompany or even display as a main dish provide a sense of devotion to the guest that links trust with flavors not usually realized from any dining experience.

Golden Gate Organics brings delicious seasonal organic produce earning the regional trust as discussed in the above paragraph. Corey Tuffs is the founder and CEO of Golden Gate Organics. As they say, “The One Stop Shop For Your All Organic Lifestyle.”

Any menu that is created by culinary “experts” should be designed with an assemblage of name producers to reflect the commitment the restaurant has to an unparralleled dining experience. Any chef that starts with the above mentioned products or other industry recognized producers is miles ahead of competitors that sacrifice quality to make an extra dollar off the unsuspecting guests they claim to care about.

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