Feathers…From an Angel’s Wing

Throughout the course of our lives we are blessed to have people in our lives that make a difference in a wonderful, positive way. I submit to you that those people, those encounters, those memories are simply served from “life’s personal growth buffet”. Those experiences enhance our ability to love and nurture our understanding of human interaction under the broad topic of, “the grand scheme of life”.

I also submit to you that each person that improves our ability to love and be compassionate while teaching us successful interaction eventually helps us become who we are. Therefore, each person is a feather from an angel’s wing that provides an exchange of feelings and ideas that becomes the foundation we stand upon to see the world through our eyes and there’s.

Different people have access to us through a myriad of ways. Our parents provide (ideally) comfort and support, our friends laughter and social connection, our children provide us with the beauty of unconditional love and of course… patience.

Each feather from an angel’s wing is a gift handed to us by the law of circumstance that connects seemingly unconnected dots to form a puzzle that becomes our destiny. We form our own destiny as we choose a path that is secured by “learning the hard way”.

However, upon closer examination the path widens and stretches to infinity and beyond because we finally listen to the wisdom of others in a bend in the road where we wish to travel. If we have planned (as much as we can) the path will become easier and more defined leading us to a retirement filled with all the possibilities we deserve.

Here is a poem by Cralin Hardy entitled,

“On Angel’s Wings”

On Angel’s Wings you were taken away,

But in my heart you will always stay.

I will hear you whisper in the tallest trees,

Feel you love in the gentle breeze.

And when I find I miss you the most,

Inside our beautiful memories

I will hold you close.

You are an angle watching over me

with the comfort and blessings you bring,

You embrace my heart and hold it close,

Forever on Angel’s Wings.

The feathers from the angel’s wing have become… many, laying the foundation for the dreams that become our life acted out on a stage before the men and women that have formed our understanding of life.