Floyd, “The Wonder Dog”

floy the wonder dog
Floyd, The Wonder Dog

Floyd is my daughters dog. He’s brought great joy to our family and especially to my daughter, Chelsea. To see the love and connection between her and him (the big dog) is a beautiful site to behold.

Floyd is a Great Pyrenees known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog outside of North America. He’s a large dog around 120 pounds to be exact. Bred to protect coupled with a friendly disposition and kind face gives him a magnetic personality which is a conduit for most people to want to pet and cuddle with him. Most dogs become ice breakers for social interaction and Floyd is no exception.

When taking Floyd on a walk be prepared to be dragged in any direction he feels compelled to wander looking to pick up a scent, mark his territory, and then move on to the next destination. Usually his will is to not continue in the direction you’d like to walk but to form a new path in any direction but the one easily navigated by whomever is lucky enough to walk him that day. Usually Chelsea can be seen attempting to teach and train him to follow her path. This is not a task for the weak of heart, but perfect for her because of her strength of will.

And then there is the social interaction perfectly suited for Floyd “The Wonder Dog”. Recently at the Manitou Brewing Company Chelsea and I were having a brew and dinner. Almost every person that walked by either petted or wanted to pet Floyd. His smile is infectious and beholds a kind heart attesting to an old soul.

These steadfast guardians usually exhibit a pronounced calm but can quickly spring into action if their master is threatened in any way, shape, or form. Although they are intelligent, standard obedience training will be met with great indifference. They don’t see the point of all that sitting, heeling, and staying. They will reward your training by performing any task you deem important with an extremely slow response time.

Putting all that aside if you are lucky enough to meet Floyd you will become his friend. He has an engaging personality that is part dog but strangely enough… almost human. The advantage of course is that he can’t talk. He can bark and on occasion has been known to scare even the most casual observer.

My daughter calls him “a love bug” and that certainly is true. Once you’re in his presence he can easily become the center of attention (which he loves) smiling and wagging his big white tail until you are compelled to pet him. He is wise beyond his ears as his perception of good people and bad people is an artful representation of his overall disposition.

Most dog owners would agree that when you connect with a pet your life changes for the better. I know my daughter relishes the time she spends with Floyd. Over the course of the short time she’s had Floyd he has become a valuable part of our family sharing the unconditional love we all hold dear to our hearts.

Floyd is the “Wonder” dog because his love for those that care for him goes beyond most human interactions and becomes an integral part of our everyday lives engaging the best part of whom we are.

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