Friends are Gifts

friends forever

As time becomes an envelope we open and close to assimilate different stimuli into our sphere of influence, one thing remains constant, and that is friendship.

Friendship comes in many different forms and is (in most cases) fleeting. Those relationships we are blessed to have our whole lives are as rare as rare can be. From little kids to older and wiser adults these friendships will be tested in a myriad of ways. There is something however so strong when it comes to a frienship that has lasted virtually our whole life. There are certain experiences that only the two of you can laugh about and relate to. There are stories only the two of you can share with each other that reminds us how truly special that person is.

In the beginning our connections/associations are based on simple principles such as, “Does that person like me?” or “Do they like the same things I like?” As life gets more complicated we base our friendships as job related, club related, community related, or family connections.

However, in the end “All” relationships are based on trust. This is the foundation of any strong bond between two people.  As we find out later in life (as we take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on other people) life is about beginnings and endings. If it’s a geographical disconnect, that person could come back into our life at anytime. But if its the tragedy of a loss of life then that ember of love and moments together will only become a memory to rekindle in times of introspection.

Last year I lost two very dear friends within months of each other. One gentleman I had known since the third grade. The other dear friend I’d known since the early eighties. Both of them gave their friendship unconditionally within a framework of laughter and timeless experiences we shared that only we could relate to and honor.

That is why sharing moments with dear friends, old or new, becomes such a precious gift as our time together is not guaranteed.  The vicissitudes of life change circumstances beyond our control which is why we should honor and hold so dear those conversations and connections that are so fleeting.

Putting off getting togther with friends is certainly commonplace. But what if we knew this would be the last time you’d see that person? Would you make a herculean effort to spend just one more day with that person to tell them how much they’ve ment to you and what a gift they are? Of course you would.

In the future remember that friendship has its ebbs and flows just like life. Those friends you may never see again will remember at some point what a difference you’ve ment to them. The laughter and even the somber moments are vignettes we share in the play we call life until the curtain closes that last time.

Enjoy the gift of friendship and keep it close to your heart because in the end all we have are family and friends. Let’s remember the times we spent together creating a bond of trust and love that will never be forgotton for as long as forever is.

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