Happy New Year from PAZAZ™

happy new year from pazaz

And so the ritual begins. Isn’t this the time of year that we are motivated to lose weight, vacation more, and see all those from last year we promised to visit the year before?

I love rituals because they become the constant we are familiar with and brings a sense of peace without the stress of the unknowing or the mystery of stepping outside our comfort zone. Each holiday has a family tradition and the tradition makes it easier to concentrate on whats really important, our catching up with those we see very seldom or the connection with those we embrace as family.

But what if this new year we stepped out of that comfort zone and reached for things we thought outside the framework of possibility? We spend less on things we don’t need to save for those things that stretch “the zone” and create another layer of our story that we can look back and say…”Yes, I did that”!

Lets start with the easy reach, because you can’t just dive in to the deep end of the pool. Little towns within a three hour drive that you’ve been meaning to visit but have provided an excuse (a thinly veiled lie wrapped in reason) that seemed logical at the time.

As each adventure becomes another page in your story you find accomplishment that is satisfying and rewarding. This accomplishment can’t be measured in dollars and cents but in the self-gratification of personal growth.

Next you venture on a plane or by car to a city you’ve heard wonderful things about that peaked your interest because of your own love for sport, music, theatre, restaurants, etc. This journey becomes an event centered around a spectacle bringing that inner smile that only comes with accomplishment and personal gratification.

As your friends wonder, “What’s going on with _____?” you become a beacon for a story that is shared because of the experiences that translate to the people you’ve met, the things you’ve seen, and the moment you’ve expanded your horizons. The TV becomes a secondary device rarely visited anymore because of your new found sense of adventure. Your stories take on the magic of discovery and the passion for life that’s magnetic and compelling.

Next you decide to venture outside the country to the place of your family origin or a place known for a particular type of culture, wine, food, music, or natural beauty… or all of these combined into one historic life changing event.

As we look back on life I don’t think any of us would say, “I wish I worked more!” No, we would always wonder about the experiences that we missed because of a reason we can’t define that seemed so clear from a position of fear of the unknowing.

Carpediem! Seize the moment and that will become the vision for your future. Happy New Year PAZAZ™ style and may all your visions expand your horizons bringing the kind of joy that lasts a lifetime.

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