Holiday Magic

It seems the holidays bring with them a sense of magic. This magic can translate to many different components that are interwoven into a spirit of connection. We connect with our families, friends, and even casual acquaintances but even more than that we connect with that which is truly important…giving.

I think of the holiday season as a platform for the charming and glorious relationships we have with our own childhood, family, and the spirituality of Christmas. As a child we take the story of Santa and a magical kingdom at face value. It is a story told by many that gives it creedance. It’s also the Santa we see, the Raindeer, Elfs, festivities, and of course the presents.

What could be better than to live in a place like the North Pole surrounded by Elfs making toys, Santa, and a journey to bring toys to every little girl and boy in the world? This background puts everything else in our lives that may be negative or distracting into a box we can discard during the holidays.

An advent calander, the presents themselves filled with mystery and expressions of love and caring for those we shop for. But most of all it is a time to experience the smiles and laughter that comes with giving a little bit more of ourselves than the rest of the year.

Everytime I see Christmas lights, hear the Christmas music, and witness the joy of giving… I think back. I think of the many Christmas days that have been etched in my memory. I think of how much time and effort my parents spent to create a wonderful two day period (the 24th and 25th of December) that elevated my happiness to a level that is rarely experienced in life.

I see their faces when I look outside to the beautiful vista of snow, evergreens, and the lake below. Oh, how I miss them! It is in that moment that I remember the past and think how I can be better in the future. I think these thoughts to (in some small way) honor their memories and attempt to live as they taught me. Special recognition should be given within our minds and souls to those that shaped our lives and helped create the person we are today.

I guess that is what I see this season as. This Christmas season should be a tribute to our families and friends that have ment so much to us over the course of our lives. As we unwrap the packages and look into the faces that surround us, we should give thanks for our circumstance and the love we share during this very special time of year.

I love this time of year because I can feel a change that embraces most of us. It is a gift, which is why we call today the present. Through-out time the most special gifts are the ones we took the most time and effort to acquire or make. Maybe it was that BB gun for my fifth birthday, the 49er Jacket, the heartfelt card, or the embrace from family and friends. Whatever it is/was, it stays in a very warm and exeptional place close to my heart.

Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it, you feel it, you believe it. As I embark on my latest/newest Christmas I see the world with the beauty God intended. It is as if I see it for the first time with fresh eyes. These eyes that have seen so much are wiped clean with a new perspective.

This vision is for the hope of a place everyone can go to be at peace. Peace within themselves while enjoying the gift of giving to others, and the hope that will come with a belief in the magic of Christmas. This magic will be displayed as random acts of kindness and Paying it Forward so others can know the true spirit of the holidays that makes this season so very special.