How Fragile Is This Thing We Call Humanity?

Unbelievable how everything has unfolded over the course of the last few weeks… and how swiftly our realities have changed. It is not without some trepidation I write this blog.

What this is like is something out of a Hollywood movie. The only problem is it’s going to last longer than the two hours an average plot line might take to reveal itself. So lets look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

Top Ten Reasons To Stay Positive:

      1. The world is a cleaner place.
      2. Those people you don’t like are sequestered in their respective homes figuring out the strategy to access stores that actually have toilet paper.
      3. If you don’t like people invading your space this is the perfect remedy.
      4. If you didn’t know where your kids are… now you do.
      5. If you complained you never get any time off… now you have plenty of time off.
      6. If you or your spouse complained about going out too often, now the government has solved that issue.
      7. When was the last time you binge watched “Breaking Bad”?
      8. Your pets are incredibly happy now that your home to pay more attention to them.
      9. Unemployment is not a badge of laziness but a badge of honor.
      10. You can finally star in a concert at the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM in Las Vegas and sell it out… only ten people are allowed in the doors… six feet apart.

The one thing I’m sure all of us can agree upon is that humanity is frail. The very fabric that weaves us together is the one that has ripped us apart. The human form we occupy is more susceptible to unknown influences created by things we can’t see and concepts that are difficult to comprehend.

Having said that, our caring for others, the gifts we give in the form of kindness and love will overcome all that we face in a time of uncertainty. Finally, you’re not hearing about nations trying to kill each other but you’re hearing about steps to keep all humanity safe. I thought the only thing to weave our worlds together would be an alien attack. Boy was I wrong!

As I have mentioned before, what is the real reason for the WHO (World Health Organization) calling this a pandemic?

One question and one observation:

Is the Media responsible for ratcheting up this extreme response?

Follow the Money!


To keep things in perspective:

      • 38,000 people lost their lives last year from car crashes.
      • 4.4 million were injured seriously last year from car crashes.

Will cars be considered a threat to our survival? Will we be asked to walk or will the government provide transportation under the guise of keeping us safe?

At any rate this too shall pass and with it another set of laws “to protect us from ourselves” very much like the patriot act.

Enjoy the show but make sure you keep your eyes on the man behind the curtain.