Into the Night


I see the many creatures that form a conga line around our home. This formadable breath of gesticulating animals exchange greetings and warnings of impending danger or nurturing safety.

Each animal uses the cloak of darkness to hide amongst the brambles, bushes, and trees. Even the color of their coats change with the seasons. The deer have white tails when winter approaches. The bear wakes up from the slumber of winter to prowl in search of the sustenance of spring.

Hunters ready their armament to catch the wary four legged targets marked by cunning and watchfulness as they attempt to escape the danger as prey. Each dance within the boundries of mountains and streams provide another chapter in what has become a ritual resulting in life or death.

The border of our property is a safe zone. Each animal feels the energy of acceptance and protection. Almost smiling, the deer sense the relaxation that comes with tranquility.

This “safety zone” only relates to our viewing.  The natural predators lurk just outside of the visual sight and sound of the common area. This experience is shared by all and yet dominated by those few bear and mountain lions that roam just beyond reach.

The birds are another beautiful compliment to this scene as we view their majestic flying paterns over the pond, trees, and the underbrush. Each movement is complimented by an array of muscial tones.  The range is from an annoying squawk to a tenor riff that creates a melody usually exchanged between two or more of our feathered friends.

As night fast approaches other voices encroach into the mix. The frogs with their baratone voices, the crickets with their rhythmic chirp, and the melodic undertones of other distinguished contributors.

Darkness brings the stars to light in a place with no white noise or light that would take away the magnificence of the moment. Adding to this display through-out the course of the month is the moon.

The full moons glow empowers us to see that which was hidden. Prior to its quarter and half, the full moon reveals a landscape inspiring us to wax poetic about things that seem so clear and yet so distant.

Night is the cloak that hides the movements of those that don’t wish to be seen. In the envelope of darkness our imagination forms a dream in the reality of suspended time. This concept of images not present heightens our five senses to expose that which is not real into the realm of possibility.

To be in a place that evokes thoughtful expressions of appreciation is really the light before the curtain is raised. As the curtain rises it exposes the landscape beneath our feet revealing the last breath of consciousness before we drift into the black veil of night.