Life is about Timing


learn about yourself experience lifeLiving in the middle of nowwhere is truly a blessing. Of course this kind of domain location change requires several nuances, or a complete chiropractic shift for it to be embraced to its fullest. Our crystal ball pointed towards the future reveals that a location change could place us on the “Threshold of a dream.”

The first and possibly the most important distinction for future success is timing. So much of our life is based upon timing. Getting the right job at the right time in the right place is all a function of timing. As time accelerates we may even meet the right person at the right time in the right place. Then our life goes from a solo act to a duo and in many cases a trio, a quartet, a small orchestra, or even a big band.

Whatever the case, our destiny is linked to the timing of events. Many such events provide the space between the words that link our future to the present all based upon the past. This existential outlook is based on a journey, an awareness which evolves into a complex phenomenon. This phenomenon has many different phases that define our life.

If we are born into a family that provides us with love, understanding, education and everything else needed for our lives to have the chance to achieve the happiness we deserve then we are blessed. If we don’t have such an opportunity to be raised in a loving and safe environment then we rely on a past life (if we’re an old soul) to subconsciously guide us in the right direction.  If we are a young soul then we rely on our friends, teachers, and extended family to provide us with a compass that leads to success.

The bases for a successful job is a strong educational base,  enthusiasm, and mentorship. In many cases after college this is the next step in our evolutionary process. Of course through all of this having a strong relationship with God or some spiritual entity is a key component. This provides the much needed strenght we all need as life prepares us through the opportunity of experience. This encounter with emotions helps us become acquainted with the continental divide between happiness and sadness.

Before we can find other people we must be drawn to the inner strenght that is required to hurdle past failure and disappointment. Looking forward to looking back to see how far we’ve come is a great exercise in gaining the perspective required to live the life we dream of.

Today I harvest the efforts of my “job”. I no longer will be under the time constraints of a job for my income. The job and other investments have led to me cutting the perverbial ambilical chord today to reap the rewards. So much luck is required and the all too important “timing”.

I am truly blessed for my family, friends, and brothers that I have had important relationships with along the way. Your love and support has guided me to this finish line (I retired today) which has required a lot of time and effort. Now I look to the next chapter that leads to a path that will lead to satisfaction created beyond my time and effort.

I have a goal to become better, stronger, smarter, and more loving to those I care about. Within the mantra of self-discovery I find that being open to change is key to the adjustment needed to leave a legacy that is defined by love, truth, and honor.

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