Living in the Moment, PAZAZ™ Style!

living in the moment
Living In The Moment

Las Vegas has been described as an adult playground and I couldn’t agree more. Last night captured the essence of the “Las Vegas Experience” and dialed it up to the tenth degree.

I look around at this place I’ve called home for over seventeen years and I feel blessed to have come here as Vegas has transformed into a dining and entertainment capital of the world. No where else can you experience the kind of quality entertainment and food in such a contained area.

“The Strip” has become synonymous with world class culinary, music, and of course the genius of Cirque du Soleil. The “Cirque” shows include O, Ka, Mystere, Michael Jackson, Zumanity, Luxia, and of course The Beatles, Love.

As I was growing up I was a huge Beatles fan. My dad took me to see the movie “Help” in 1965 when I was but a small child. I remember the excitement generated by their first appearance on Ed Sullivan and watching the screaming girls jumping up and down and even sometimes fainting over the “Fab Four”.

Now, years later we’ve gone to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Love, many times. In addition to that my daughter has gone to Liverpool and taken the “Fab Four” taxi ride as she (through me) has become a huge fan of the band. Chelsea even bought me a coffee cup in Liverpool inscribed Strawberry Fields, “Nothing is real”, which I treasure as I live vicariously through her international experiences.

Last night Nancy, Chelsea and I left this planet and became a part of a parallel universe where ” Nothing is real”. The evening started with dinner at Jean George Steak House at the Aria. It just so happens that I work there but non the less the service, food, and wine were superb.

Our dinner at Jean George was the perfect introduction to an experience I will never forget. After dinner we navigated through the many obstacles (mainly people) to achieve our objective which was to see Paul McCartney at the T-Mobile Arena. Our seats were on the main floor and the concert was even more than I had hoped for.

The arena was buzzing with the anticipation of a performance from one of the greatest rock musicians of all time. With such a storied career Paul is not just a musician he is a legend. We sat with the energy around us increasing in velocity as the moment of Paul’s appearance grew closer.

At 8:30 Paul sauntered across the stage he knew this audience was ready for an epic performance. The evening started with “A Hard Day’s Night” and included such Beatles classics as “Hey Jude”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Something”, and “Back in the USSR”, among many others.

I can’t remember a concert that transported me back in time while I was living in the moment of an experience I will never forget.

I only hope that as I write these blogs our lives will center around the moment we’re in, blessed by the people we’re with, enriched by the experiences we share.

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