Memories Make the Best Christmas Gift

Unwrapping a gift can be synonymous with the memories we hold dear that makes this season so special. As a child we live in the best part of us, our imagination.

We imagine Santa being guided by a reindeer with a red nose bringing the joy of giving to all the children in the world. We are amazed at the beautiful lights and decorations that bring the spirit of happiness to our city, town, or village. Many receive cards and presents from those we only hear from during the holiday season. That gift or card triggers a fond memory that brings a wonderful smile to our face.

As we get older we relive the memories of Christmas past. At the time we seemingly took for granted the socks our moms bought us for Christmas but now we cherish those simple gestures as part of a very special story we connect to this magical season.

Its not about the gifts as we get older but the smiles and laughter we shared with family and friends. We hold dear the traditions created by our family that we honor, guard, and protect for that very special compartment we open once a year.

And then we pass those traditions on as they become a testimonial to the advent calendar our grandparents and parents so carefully orchestrated for this enchanting season. As each generation passes we share stories of previous Christmas events that helped shape the conviction to be stewards of the most important aspect of this holiday season, “The Season of Giving”.

Two traditions that stand out for me as a child I’d like to share:

On Christmas eve my mom started a tradition of serving onion soup and a shrimp salad with home-made thousand island dressing. This would usher in our opening of the gifts on Christmas Eve. We would gather around the fireplace and I would play Santa distributing the gifts to my mom, dad, and grandmother. I enjoyed so much their expression of happiness when they opened the gift I had given them. This was really the best part of Christmas for me, seeing that expression of joy which provided the magic I will never forget.

The second tradition was waiting for Santa to bring that very special gift you’d been asking for all year. My parents would assemble or provide that gift working silently into the night with an unconditional love that was woven into the fabric of our family.

I feel blessed to have such a fortunate experience from parents that I will remember for as long as forever is.

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