Mirrors of the Soul

It has been written that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul. This is possibly true from an aesthetic point of view. However, the reality is that while you might be able to read the objective from the configuration of the eyes it is the hands that offer a look into a person’s trade, heart, and intentions.

There are so many poems about the eyes that speak to their deep and rich history as “mirrors to the soul”.

A poem by Ruby Archer highlights this narrative,

“O brown eyes, how warm you are

With look I may not meet,

Lest there I read too deep and far

A meaning wild and sweet.”

Despite the poetic feelings expressed in the poem above I contend that the hands importance to human interaction can not be over stated. It is the touch of another that sends a message to our heart. It is the touch of another that offers a bolt of enthusiastic appreciation for an accomplishment or a job well done. It is the touch of another that offers condolences in times of sorrow and pain. It is the hand shake to greet, the pat on the back to leave, the raising of our hands to ask a question, and the all important hug that acknowledges our very important history of relationship that binds us to a friend or family member.

Parents will hold the hand of a child to protect them. A new relationship will blossom from introductions to holding of hands. All important interactions between people that care for one another begins with the touch of a hand. The common hand shake will send a message to our brain that can determine a persons covert persona. Rough hands mean blue collar, soft hands mean white collar (or trust fund baby). A firm hand shake exudes confidence while a soft hand shake can be construed as either weakness or gentleness usually depending on gender.

Here is a portion of a poem by the famous poet from Chile, Pablo Neruda that is entitled, “Your Hands”

“Their softness came

flying over time,

over the sea, over the smoke, over the spring,

and when you placed

your hands on my chest,

I recognized those golden

dove wings,

I recognized that clay

and that color of wheat.”

The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessings, it is expressive. According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of tools.” In general it is strength, power and protection. However, the hands can easily mean generosity, hospitality and stability, “lend a hand.”

Despite all of this proof lifting the hands into rarified air, I would like to simply leave you with this one last thought:

Of all the people in our lives that have passed away is it not true that you would not give anything to give them just one more hug?