‘Mise en place’, PAZAZ™ Style!

Mise en place is a French term which refers to “everything in it’s place”. This is technically referring to cuisine. The art of cooking is about manufacturing, it’s about consistently preparing and executing a menu in a timely fashion. The only way this is possible is through the proper prep work for (in this case) a group of guests dining at a restaurant.

However, in this blog I address the art of mise en place as a life enhancing view. This view is orchestrated from birth until we pass. This view from 10,000 feet looks at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. It is impossible to correct certain things from the past but we can most certainly learn from those lessons and adjust our mindset to better understand and deal with like situations in real time.

Typically the situations I speak of revolve around relationships, investments, and things we had the opportunity to experience but didn’t. As we grow older the wisdom we have acquired through real life experiences is worth everything. We are only getting better if we build on those lessons and teach others through patience, love, and the art of listening.

Most of us have had failed relationships, investments gone bad, and have glimpsed at things that were possible but didn’t act. Mise en place in life is like nailing jello to a tree. It is a fleeting moment in time where the planets have aligned to project us to a place not thought possible in a space we could have not imagined.

Only through adversity could our ability to survive both physically and mentally be tested, thus creating another layer of wisdom. Circumstances change in a heart beat but our constitution grows stronger as we persevere and admonish the difficulties through faith and belief in ourself.

Simple things like putting our car keys in the same place so that we don’t suffer the anxiety of looking for them over and over… that is one rudimentary example of mise en place. Another is being lured to the expectant get rich quick scheme (and not effectively analyzing the investment) which invariably gets someone else rich and you one step closer to working until your 65.

Lets hope that within the context of our short lives we can live life with PAZAZ™ and enjoy the fruits of our labor while giving to humanity that part of us that makes our world a better place to live through (at the very least) random acts of kindness.

The beauty of mise en place is the sanctity of peace of mind and tranquility building upon the education you’ve acquired through life’s ever changing landscape. At some point in your life it is beautiful to say this, ” I look forward to looking back to see how far I’ve come.”