Mother’s Day PAZAZ™ Style

Mother’s Day is a very special holiday. This holiday is an opportunity to thank our moms for all they do for us. Whether they are alive today or not they are the ones (primarily) that have given us the tools to become whom we are today.

My mom came from Kansas and exemplified the heart beat of this country with her mid-western belief and value system. Honor, integrity, compassion for others, and her full (unwavering) commitment to her family made her a hero to me. I have never met anyone that combined her intelligence and strength to form a perfect harmonic conversion aligning a wonderful soul with an amazing brain.

As we grow older we rely on the lessons we’ve learned from those that care the most about us to help us through the vicissitudes of life. Our core values become the center of our character as we transition through the different phases of our existence. For most of us our moms have helped us navigate using our teachings to decide important matters while being true to ourselves and those that care the most about us.

My mom taught me how to read, how to practice my violin, how to be a steward to those less fortunate, and her greatest teaching was how to make me understand the responsibility of being a parent.

It seems to me that one day to celebrate our mom is not sufficient. We buy our mothers flowers and cards and maybe even write them a poem but is that enough?

Perhaps the whole year we should honor our moms. Their sacrifice and time spent investing in our future while paving the way for our happiness and success is the true definition of selfless commitment.

My mom loved to celebrate the holiday’s. Every holiday became a foray into the best expression of that event turning a moment into a memory that became a tradition. Whether it was a traditional meal created by my mom, the sequence in which that holiday unfolded, or the unbridled excitement and joy that ultimately resulted… I will never forget each and every holiday with my mom and dad.

To this day I take a moment each day to thank god for blessing me with my mom and dad and how their harmony resulted in my strength and resilience through the best of times and the worst of times.

To that end the mother child relationship is a sacred bond, let us honor our mothers on this special day and everyday for as long as forever is.

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