Music, Art, Poetry, and of Course… Food / Drink, PAZAZ™ Style!

We all dance to a different tune which is played by the instrument of experience that becomes the theme of whom we are. This dance is possible because of the history we have with those we love and the truth we seek from those we trust. Woven into this dance are the nuances of environment, the books we read, and the spiritual guidance from up above.

The nuances of environment can be captured by a myriad of unexpected sensory pleasures. Many of us will remember a relationship captured by the words, beat, and tonality of a song. Others will be triggered by a poem, a work of art, or simply the surroundings of a crowd, a group, or the beauty of a place in which something very special occurred.

Each decade is a reflection of our social consciousness through the music we listen to as a nation, as a culture, and as individuals capturing the spirit of humanity.

The fifties brought us the care-free upbeat bebop singing about growing up as teenagers and young adults.

The sixties brought us the theme of protest but also the melodic birth of Motown and of course the Beatles and the Stones.

The seventies inspired us with perhaps the greatest collection of rock and roll bands in history.

The eighties is a blur, the nineties was the surge in popularity of techno or house music and hip-hop.

2000 rolled around and the music scene was chill, house, and latino pop. And here we are… another decade kicked off with protest and unrest. Out of the flames of discontent grows the seeds for discourse, poetic nuance, and the rebirth of our nation. This decade should be like the 60’s emblematic of powerful music driven by passion and pain.

The books we are reading now have to do with culinary recipes, history (God forbid we repeat it), and getting lost in some fictional place loosely based upon the reality we’re trying to escape.

Food and drink have become our social playground to release the anxiety from the pressures of everyday life. These food and beverage gatherings usually include family or our very special friends. We are truly blessed during such events as the wonderful connection that binds us together can be the spark that holds a very special collection of memories etched into the frame around our lives.

Through all of this our foundation for seeking a greater understanding of ourselves and others through prayer and dialogue has led me to two reflective points:

First – Believing in God or some spiritual entity or path cannot come solely from within but must also come from above.

Secondly – The one thing you know is… you never know!

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