My Favorite Things, PAZAZ™ Style

My favorite things include what most people enjoy; for example, surprising experiences at restaurants, unbelievable sunsets, wines that take you to the stratosphere of oenological enjoyment, and everything else that stretches your senses and expands your horizons.

But one of my favorite things is any situation that occurs when elements of nature converge to produce an amazing event creating a memory that places energy, substance, and magic into the arena of, “It’s a small world… but I’d hate to paint it.”

One time in a land far away I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. I was enjoying this beautiful seascape view from the balcony of some high rise on what is referred to as the “gold coast”. I decided I would go for a walk up the coast of Puerto Vallarta to a little spot called the “Iguana”. The “Iguana” had been the commissary for the movie “Night of the Iguana”, which starred Richard Burton and Ava Gardner.

The “Iguana” now consisted of a few thrown together tables and chairs with a wonderful view of the beach and the glistening water below. The bar was not frequented by too many tourists because of how far away it was from most hotels and restaurants.

The bartender was a amiable person living off the grid, convinced that he had the greatest job in the world, off the beaten path, and far from the maddening crowds. Because of this self made assertion and absolute love for what he did… he made the best margarita (in my opinion) in all of Puerto Vallarta.

I was enjoying the adult beverage when in strolls a family wearing the loud Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops, and those weird straw hats that are a cross between a sombrero and a cowboy hat. Anyway, after they had a few margaritas they moseyed over to my table inquiring,”Where are you from?”

This launched us into a variety of subjects and then, after a “few more” margaritas they asked me who my favorite musician was. Well, I had just finished a gig in Tahoe as a DJ. I was given an album of this obscure musician, Richie Lecea, who (at that time) became my favorite vocalist and songwriter. His music transcended all the major artists and took acoustic guitar and vocals to a whole new level.

When I told them this the wife of the husband I’d been conversing with looked at me with the strangest look and said, “That’s my brother in law.” Out in the middle of nowhere I meet a person who was connected to one of the most obscure musicians (I’ve never seen his name mentioned anywhere) by blood…

And that my friends is one of those moments when you say, “It’s a small world… but I’d hate to paint it.”

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