Never to Late to Learn about Life

learn about yourself experience life

This merry-go-round called life spins so fast that some times we forget the nuances and focus on that which is presented like a sledgehammer. In many cases this sledgehamemer doesn’t care about our feelings but flatens our spirit while teaching us something we should have recognized to begin with. Lessons to be remembered and used to enhance our lives (for the most part) are lessons learned the hard way.

Be it patterns in “meaningful” relationships, business opportunities, professions we may choose because of status, or the simplicity of following a diet plan. All of us weigh our circumstances not always relying on our own judgment but the opinions of others. Sometimes we may be swayed by the romance of success not thinking of the hard work it takes to achieve it.

Whatever the situation our personal growth, experience, and work ethic are several of the keys to determing accomplishment in any of the above catagories. It seems as life spins our focus becomes the result and not the journey. The result is usually related to the pursuit of a job title, money associated with said title, or the elusive feeling of love.

The nuance of life is that of discovery. Discovering whom you are and how you react to the vicissitudes of life is an important building block to form a strong foundation. Each block is placed upon your pillars. As you build your foundation you provide yourself with a better opportunity to flourish and expand your horizons. The strenght of your foundation is directly related to the choices you make and the work you’ve done to realize the importance of building that foundation.

Each subtle nuance acts as a divining rod to find the spiritual strenght needed to combat doubt, indecision, and the fear of failure. Each stride that stretches our comfort zone is an excercise that is meant to expand our horizons. That which you can not see but feel is a nuance that must be relyed upon as you continue on a path of your own design.

There are no short cuts. There are no worthwhile experiences in life that are not the result of hard work and good decisions. Just because someone is a certain age doesn’t mean their ideas are any more important than your own. I truly believe that passed lives play an important role in the wisdom we are born with.

The intuitive poetry of a child or a feeling we’ve been to a place or met a person before is not something to be discarded lightly. Intuition is merely a voice inside given to us as a calibrator. It is another tool in our spiritual belt for acheiving our dreams and goals.

Typically as we enter our “golden years” our choices are reflected in our circumstance. Each decision of the past has placed us on a path that leads to either a feeling of comfort and content or a feeling of “what could have been”. The contemplation of the past is a complicated mix of many different emotions. However, your body doesn’t live in the past. Why should your mind?

The energy of life is the nuance of discovery. The educational progression of experience based upon excitement drawn from the pillars of strenght   enriches our lives and expands our horizons. Within that moment we open that package as a child would open a Christmas present. We then begin a new objective feeling the comfort we’ve felt many times before, a new journey, basking in the excitment of the unknown and the greater reward of possibility.